REGISTRATION NOW OPEN – The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program

Dear Friends,

I have had so many people reach out to me in this time of crisis. Asking for me to Coach them. Guide them. Heal them. Teach them how to be Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakeable in this unprecedented time.

Everywhere we look, there is panic and fear porn. Everywhere we look, people are feeling powerless, lost and grasping for leadership.

I now realise that I am needed now, more than ever, on a bigger scale than before. As a coach, a healer, a shaman, a mentor, a teacher and a speaker. My energetic gifts must be funnelled to heal as many as I can.

This is why, for the first time, I am offering my Inner Circles onlineevery week.

It will be called ‘The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program’ and will run for the next six-months as we ride the surging wave of this changing time, starting Wednesday, April 15.

This is not a program for the desperate or the hopeless. This isn’t for the whingers or the victims. This isn’t for those who are grappling blindly on the floor, paralysed by the world’s current state of affairs.

This offering is exclusively for those ready to uplevel. For the established entrepreneur who knows that now is the time to create change. For the executive who is ready to be a more powerful leader. For the director who sees opportunity, where others see failure and collapse.

My Inner Circles are normally exclusive monthly meetings held in Sydney. These are raw collectives that are powerful beyond measure; where we go quantum, healing ourselves, in order to uplevel our businesses, our families, each other and the world.

So many people have told me that one day they will be able to afford to join my Inner Circles. One day, they will be able to travel internationally, or interstate, to join me. One day, they will gain that sense of belonging and power that comes from being in my orbit, personally.

Now, I am opening the virtual door for this to happen.

During ‘The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program’, you will get access to two hours with me, every week.

This will include

  • A live 30-minute master class every Monday

  • A live 30-minute Q&A to follow

  • A live 30-minute Shamanic voice activation and healing meditation every Wednesday

  • A live 30-minute breath work session every weekend

  • All sessions will be recorded for you

For those that join me, their lives will change. I will activate their energetic fields. They will learn how to take back their power. How to not be hijacked by the fear. How to heal trauma during times of crisis. They will learn how to keep staff morale high during times like this. How to keep themselves happy, joyful, fulfilled, healthy and vital during times of dis-ease. How to disengage from the hormone of stress and anxiety and fear and overwhelm. How to become elevated, expansive, in-spirit and inspired.

This program is by application only and will take into account a comprehensive application form, as well as a consideration of what you would be willing to pledge for two hours with me every week.

I normally charge up to $1000 per hour for 1:1 coaching.

What would you pledge to be healed?

What would you pledge to learn how to step into your power?

What would you pledge to marry success with deep fulfilment?

If reading this sparks a deep, resounding yes somewhere inside you, then I would call on you to answer me. Why is this internal work more important now than ever before? Because the world needs leaders of calm courage. It desperately needs those on the frontline of business and entrepreneurship to get a gripto know that amongst all the chaos and panic and fear and confusion of COVID-19, there has never been a more exciting time to be alive.

And now you have the most precious resource of them all; time. Time to learn to innovate. Time to heal. Time to rise above and grow your power.

To be considered for The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program, please click the link below to complete the application form.

Applications for the program will close Saturday, 18 April at 5pm.


Pauline has the amazing ability to see your blind spots, calm through her wisdom and hold space in a way that is so unique and rare. Now being a part of her Spiritual Entrepreneur Inner Circle and in regular contact with her my learnings and growth have shifted to an all new level of acceleration and in the challenging times we now all face, having Pauline and our Inner Circle on speed dial, gives me a sense of safety and security of knowing they all have my back and that whatever challenge that comes my way I will have the added guidance I need to be able to navigate to the other side with calm courage and a new found inner peace.  Thank you Pauline, I have so much love and gratitude for you.  You have been a game changer in my world from the moment we met… and being a part of your Inner Circle has been next level!

Dr Maria Zuschmann
Stress & Alignment Coach, Integrative Chiropractor, Podcaster

I can’t wait to begin.

In Love and Wisdom,


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