Joining Pauline’s Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program was the springboard and prompting that I needed to stop limiting myself to fit in with the mediocre mainstream.
Because of Pauline’s course, I am no longer content to survive. Thriving is my new normal.

Pauline is a master in her art. The knowledge, wisdom and authenticity she presents with, is fascinating and I feel so privileged to be drawn into the vortex to really learn about myself and who I have the potential to be.

The friendships and connections I have developed as part of the course are life expanding. The Accelerator program has allowed me to tap into a vibrant community with amazing people, with whom I can be my expanded self with. These are vibrant and potent connections which inspire me to enjoy life with an open heart. I now have support through challenges that are now viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Pauline helped me to reframe my old stories, values and dreams and who
I truly am.
How much I have changed is enough for my soul to sing and dance with joy! Pauline has encouraged me to question everything and embrace my inherent value and potential. I am now courageous, valuable and resilient, with change and transformation now expected rather than feared. I am moving beyond the lone wolf and embracing these connections. I am no longer existing in outdated defaults and I have become a deeper and inspired version of me by design.

I have re-written and changed my future goals so much in the three month duration of this program and I continue to evolve into versions of me that I could not have imagined three months ago.

I highly recommend Pauline’s Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program if you have a thirst for learning about yourself and want to see what the future can be.

Thank you Pauline for embracing, encouraging and redefining my next inspiring joyful chapter. Deep love, absolute joy, and a bubbling vibrancy would best describe how I now feel after completing the Accelerator program.

My heart is singing and dancing with absolute love and joy!!

Fiona Mc Clintock

Pauline’s Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator has been a fundamental and essential turning point for me with the depth of territory that we traversed in such a short space of time having the most elegant and precious emotional, mental, physical and spiritual impact. Such significant impact.

I am honouring myself in ways that has me energised instead of depleted, grounded instead of scattered, discerning instead of being open to energy takers and grateful instead of hoping (and so much more!). This means that I can bring poise, grace, humility, groundedness and calm to ALL of my life and what I am creating - and especially my business as I rebuild.

Being someone who appreciates directness and authenticity, I valued the frame of onus for me to complete the practices, exercises and the learnings. I love Pauline’s intent, her style and her commitment, but knowing where it all begins and ends as a role model was also valuable for me to experience. No more leaking energy. The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program was exceptionally valuable.

Thank you isn't enough. If I could wrap my arms around Pauline in gratitude each day I would but instead it will be done energetically! I am a love girl after all, except now I am a Queen empowering and honouring my authenticity and divine consciousness.

Peace Love and Joy

Andrea Hendrickson
The Breakfast Coach

Pauline delivers phenomenal learning outcomes in her Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program through the perfect balance of structured content and open, fluid conversations.

Pauline has an innate knowing of when to lead learnings through data and science and when to facilitate lessons through open, authentic and deeply moving personal experiences. It is this balance that cultivated a synergistic learning experience for me as well as the establishment of beautiful connections and trusted relationships.

Pauline created the platform for me to finally see and understand myself. Her gentle yet firm hand of encouragement coupled with her vast ‘tool kit’ has given me the foundation to truly move forward, be free and design my life – just for me. Thank you Pauline, I will forever be grateful for you

Alysia James
Founder: Purpose Lived Co.

The hardest part for me is trying to articulate such a uniquely incredible, engaging and empowering experience into words.

Grateful, stimulated, involved and hopeful are all feelings I feel since connecting with the talented Pauline. Luckily for myself, through her obit I have divinely connected with Pauline, and I have been on a life changing journey ever since.

I have always longed of a way to connect with myself, trust myself, and to be on my own team for once. Firstly she taught me to show myself grace, this alone has changed the game for me. She has provided a safe place, awoken my soul through her shamanic activations, and has provided distinctive practices, knowledge and experiences to last myself and my self-mastery tool kit a lifetime, to flourish and achieve what was always destined.

I was honoured to be a part of the life changing - Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program and I am still in such awe of the impact that the community and connections, the self mastery tools, the never ending knowledge and the one of a kind experiences have had, and continue to have, on mastering myself. To feel pure joy again and dissolving old ways of thinking, self doubts, and most importantly taking back my power and seen me accelerate my growth at high speed to design my own reality.

This is all thanks to Pauline. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pauline for your wisdom, your time, your energy, your compassion, you knowledge and your love. You will forever have an enormous impact on the way I perceive myself and my ‘stories’. Thank you for allowing me to be heard and seen – this alone has had impeccable results on the way I feel. I truly am incredibly thankful and blessed.

Jessika Scott
Freelance Interior Designer

Doing Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneurial Accelerator course transformed my life. Through doing the course, I was able to really delve into what was important to me, and what would make me happy, and led me to the realization that life as it was, was not feeding my soul or contributing to my happiness. While many courses may lead you to the realization, Pauline's course also gave me the courage to leave a marriage.

When I first started, I had reservations and (if i am being honest) doubts about just how powerful a twelve-week course could be. I am usually a very guarded person when it comes to my personal life, so it was hard to imagine myself opening up to a group of 12 people that i didn't know -- about anything, let alone be vulnerable about something so close to my heart. However, Pauline's approach has a way of drawing people into a community and creating an environment that creates bonds between everyone and empowers everyone to share openly about the experiences, vulnerabilities and evolution -- the group's openness inspired me as I went along my own journey towards transformation.

I can recognize now when I give into fear or give my power away to others – and be conscious of the actions I need to take to ensure this doesn't happen and that my needs are (going forward) heard and met. I now live my life according to what makes me happy and how I want to feel. I surround myself with people who contribute to my happiness and the vision I have for my life, and it’s also allowed me to experience the type of real, authentic, genuine connection within this collective that I have never had before.

While Pauline’s course was an accelerator - that pushed me to realization faster and gave me the tools to handle the repercussions of these decisions in a fast evolving divorce situation – ironically, it is also teaching me how to give myself grace and to trust the process knowing sometimes i just can’t push through even though my type A personality has often wanted too... While my journey has only just started, I can see many of the things Pauline said would happen has already occurred...

  1. Physical transformation – i was blown away about how I looked when i started the course and how i look now. I have had several people tell me I look younger and refreshed... (Tick)
  2. Becoming more sexual – It was hard for me to understand what Pauline meant when she said that through her work this aspect of your life improves. This was something that had become dormant in me given the demands of life made it secondary. But boy has she awakened it and was she right!... (Tick)
  3. Magnetically attracting others – Since doing the course I seem to be attracting attention from people from all walks of life, all genders, in all scenarios. People are naturally looking at me, smiling, waving, making positive comments, giving a lot of attention - often without me doing anything other than what I have always done. (Tick)
  4. Manifesting opportunities – A few of the things I envisioned for myself are blooming naturally - both personal and professional. My role now is to connect the dots in a way that can lead me to the life I have always dreamed of... (Tick)

While this is just the beginning of the journey, I am excited by where the road is leading me and I could not have done this without Pauline’s help. I can’t thank you enough!

Marie Le
Founder and CMO
B2C Product Marketing

“How do you thank a human being who has helped you breathe into your whole being after nearly 3 decades of silence? This is what Pauline Nguyen has shifted. She has held the mirror to my face and guided me to my consciousness.

Before May 2020, I was not in a good place. Decades of self victimisation and unconscious living. I saw Pauline’s video on Facebook, “What has happened, has happened,” and it spoke straight to me. If you have seen her videos, you know what I talk about.

I automatically registered for her Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table, and in the first 5 minutes she made me cry. It was a cry of release. She was forthright and said, “Diana you are not breathing correctly.” I cried. I knew this was true, and I knew at this moment I want to breathe for me, for my whole being correctly every day.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program was three months of focused and intentional #BadAssByDesign. Each week 20 people shared their joys, their fears and their transformations. Each week Pauline guided us through laughter and tears as she pinpointed our missions. To be best at LIFE now. Her activation / meditation sessions are evolutionary. Her Shamanic techniques have allowed my vagina to breathe into my whole orbit.

How magical that feeling is, to feel light, to feel pleasure, to feel joy every single day.

I live now, presently, intentionally. Everything I have done since being part of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program has seen my career explode, and also my spirit alive. My mind, body and heart are aligned with my spirit. Thank you for saving my life Pauline. Thank you.”

Diana Nguyen
Actor, Comedian, MC

"Having listened to Pauline's Keynote speech in 2020 and then attended Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table in October 2020, made me think that there is so much more to learn from her wisdom and experience to help me dig deeper into my spirituality, tap into my intuition and true self.

So, I jumped into the Accelerator Program with full enthusiasm and engagement.

OMG! This course helped me to discover my true self better, unfold my potentials, and fast tracked me in many aspects of my life.

I literally, literally, experienced the quantum field and the power of manifesting. Ta Da!!

The practical tools and techniques Pauline taught me were next level. Forever I am grateful to her and looking forward to continuing my journey with her.
So, if you want to snatch your power back in all areas of your life and truly become a BadAss Manifester, don't think… JUST JUMP on this course and immerse yourself in the ocean of learning, fun, growth and transformation."

Tara Sadeghian
Business Partner

"When you feel like you are pushing a heavy boulder up an endless hill, you know there has to be a better way. Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program is there to show you the way.

Thiis 3 month program is a must for those who are ready to learn how to improve their outlook on life and change the old patterns of behaviour that weren't getting them to where they wanted to be!
What I liked most is that each week, Pauline gave us impactful and effective practical tools to practice throughout the week. All tools were realistically possible amongst a busy schedule.

Personally, I feel the happiest I have all year. From all the learnings of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator course, I am now accepting of who I am. I am crystal clear on what I need to do daily to be who I want to be, and to feel how I want to feel along the journey.

Thank you Pauline for your generosity in your time, energy, wisdom and insight.

You are a very special woman and I feel so grateful to be able to learn from you."

Julie Sexton
Founder & Director
Talk HQ

"Before I joined the Accelerator program, I was grieving a loss, lost my desire to exercise, let myself go by eating cheap fatty foods and gained 15kgs in the process. In short, I lost my mojo.

As a former bodybuilder and a busy business owner, I know what it means to be joyous and feel inspired everyday. But as I got busier, I fell victim to my negative emotions, which took away my power to do great things.

In just the short 3 months of doing the Accelerator program, I've regained my sense of purpose and I'm living my life with more joy and inspiration. I enjoy exercise again. I love myself again. I feel power-full again.

Pauline has given me tools that I can use to master my thoughts everyday so that I can reach my full potential as an entrepreneur.

Highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking to snatch their power back so they can live a life they are destined to live."

Jovana Vujnic
Bumper Leads

"I had heard a lot about Pauline through my wife, seen her on a TV program where she experienced homelessness and also began listening to her on-line meditation.

I select where I spend my time as work and life in general is quite busy for me (as is everyone-else) and this is where the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program suited me.

I am a General Manager of a national company and needed something effective, real, and challenging. This is not like any other leadership or business course!

This is a journey - your journey of reflection and action that holds you to account through Pauline's experience to make you realise your potential and vulnerability.

You need to do the work to get the results, which I have benefited greatly in work life, family and how I see myself.

If you are concerned about sharing your vulnerabilities and achievements in a group, don't. We were all strangers at the beginning but shared tears, laughter, joy, reflection and happiness after just the first session.

You get to grow with the others in many ways, yet different ways. Pauline is amazing, in how she facilitates and conducts herself. Her openness, her speakership abilities, and her professionalism, which can be defined as being a down to earth person who feels and shares what we feel. And most of all, her magnetism to allow you to go on own your journey with her.

I practiced what I learnt immediately and the outcomes I achieve are what Pauline stated I could do from the start.

I can't put it in enough words, but if you feel a connection to earth or nature or know there is more to this life, then you need to begin the journey.

Lots of love to all in our group and to Pauline."

Stacy Kambouris
General Manager, Operations
AGPAL Group of Companies

"Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program has shown me how fucking powerful I am, and that we can all be when we put in the work.
Pauline has given me the strength and the know how to instantly reach for, and live my greatness in my everyday life.

The most beautiful thing is it's all within me. The freedom that has come with the courage to speak my truth has been a game changer for my self-esteem, along with simple tools to change my behaviours that get me out of being 'stuck'.

Most of all, I am so grateful for seeing my own power to live consciously in higher states of gratitude and appreciation to overcome my fears and anxieties, so that they do not touch me, where they would have in the past.

I now feel powerful to influence myself to live the life I want to live, and I am more connected to nature to assist me in living my dreams. Life is so fucking exciting!"

Shannon Hurley
Speaker, Conservationist, Ocean Explorer & Shark Enthusiast

"Finally. Someone who makes a massive impact in the areas of both 'personal development' and 'entrepreneurship'. Without being all about the dollars, nor just your own leadership/development. Pauline manages to bring the two together in a unique (and I mean unique) style. Get ready to head into your own 'unknown'.

Having completed plenty of NLP trainings, personal development, entrepreneurship skills, Tony Robbins etc, it was perfect to be reminded of some old lessons - but in such an exceptional way that I could truly take them onboard and take action. Her delivery is exquisite and world-class.

Plus there were the endless new learnings to absorb, integrate and to be honest…get the f*ck on with.

If you open your head and heart to what she has to share, you can't help but walk away on a more powerful, fun, adventurous path. Having sold my business and expecting to travel, then COVID hit, I was feeling totally stuck in most areas of my life. Pauline inspired and challenged me out of my 'funk' and right now I'm nearing the end of writing my book…so that's a WIN for me!

She can be tough, but she also has a gentle touch when it comes to delivering the potentially prickly points.

Pauline's the real deal. Truly knows her craft. Is funny as f*ck. Loves a vino and will both jolt, scare and inspire you into a new level of power and action.

To have any intimate group time with Pauline is a gift and will become more limited as each month goes on, so jump in now. Thanks so much Miss P xxx"

Leona Watson
Inspiratinal Speaker & Business Coach

"Two words to describe Pauline's Accelerator Program.. life changing!

With Pauline's guidance and teachings I have been able to open my mind and soul to a way of being I never knew existed. In such a short period of time, I have been able to rapidly up level my life and my business in a way that I now can finally create and seize the opportunities around me, whilst still having fun along the way! I am eternally grateful for what Pauline and this special group have shared with me over the past 3 months as this has only accelerated me on my journey.

If you want to live by your true values, wake up everyday feeling pure joy and get to where you want to get to fast, then this is the program for you!"

Sally Potocki
Co-Founder, Director
Creative Baguette

"The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program is amazing! I wish I had known about it earlier! Such deep gratitude and warmth to be in Pauline's presence. Thank you for lighting up my way back home to who I truly am and to what my purpose is in life!

Every lesson with Pauline has sparked and triggered a massive awakening to my spiritual and emotional self. Things I have never dealt with growing up! Pauline made me understand that pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. My journey ahead is now full of the biggest prizes and surprises because I have now overcome the past with joy, grace and poise."

Benny Chea

"Pauline's The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur online program has been absolutely transformational. The value that it has created for myself and for my clients as a practitioner has been so extensive. I now have more energy, more passion, and I am driven by inspiration daily. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of her online program, during these shifting times.

Pauline is consistently providing high level practices and methods to live life with power! If you are looking to significantly transform your outlook on the world, how you feel, and the impact that you can make on others for the better, I would highly recommend Pauline and her online programs!"

Peter Williams
Mindset Coach, Integrative Hypnotherapist
Prime Wellness

"Working with Pauline has taught me I can design my own life rather than live it by default. I can will things into existence and attract opportunities. No more chasing for me. I have forever been a 'push shit up hill' person because that is all I ever saw and I have long searched for a better way of doing things. A better way of being. And I'll be honest, pushing shit uphill wasn't working for me in life, love or business. I needed to change for my circumstances to change. Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator course has ignited this change for me. I am now attracting opportunities, attracting the people into my orbit I need to uplevel. I am now finding my own light, following my own light, creating my own energy and surging forward in MY DIRECTION. I thank you Pauline, you are the right amount of supportive and firm. I enjoy your directness and unapologetic truth. I felt your warmth and love. The ove that spurs you on, holds you accountable and pushes you to be true. Thank you Pauline for the 12 weeks we spent together. I will look back on this knowing it was a life junction where I jumped in the other lane and began to fly." Jessica Walker Founder/Director, Fit 2 Function

"The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program is a high energy, high content accelerator which gives great insight into finding balance in the high pressure world of business and life. Pauline has exceptional energy and not only provides inspiration, but concrete and practical tools to manage and thrive under all circumstances - anyone who joins her orbit will no doubt lift their energy and benefit from her practical and inspirational content. Thank you Pauline for your candour, your insights, your tools and your compassion."

Peter Gibbons
Managing Director, Openn Negotiation

"Before the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program, I knew that frequency could change your life, but how exactly to use that knowledge I didn't know. I lost my centre of gravity with confronting conversations. I found my emotions jumping all over the place depending on what was happening around me. I had a sense of what and where my power was from previous teachings but lacked the understanding of how truly to live in it.

Having finished the program, I feel more aligned with myself, I know how to honour myself more, and am equipped with tools and techniques to help execute along the way. And amongst all of those transformations comes the biggest learning yet, which has taught me how to create true, lasting change in life, not just surface, behavioural change.

Now I know how to truly harness, keep, and take back my power from any relationship, situation or circumstance.

What's the most powerful thing about this course? No matter where you're at in your life in your career or self development, the foundational and principle-based delivery Pauline gives on Power, Influence and Manifestation will upgrade you.

Pauline is masterful at communicating succinctly an idea from her many years of development, teaching and growth. The depth and breadth of her knowledge is shared in the most powerful, most effective way for you to reap the benefits from AND get the results. Pauline delivers the next step to you and masterfully creates a web of understanding so you can embody deep change.

Pauline's powerful activations speak directly to your subconscious, which means, this course is the catalyst for change for those who are curious, dedicated and seeking more power and inspiration in life.

If you feel called to this program it is not by coincidence.

I wouldn't be where I am now without deciding to follow Pauline's teachings and it is hands down the best investment I've made in myself.

Pauline, my path crossed with you and you have taught me how to truly live.

My soul sings with gratitude. I feel exhilarated reflecting on the change I see in myself and know there is so much more to discover and reveal about what life can really feel like when we are really aligned to it.

Thank you thank you thank you."

Irene Emily
Brand Specialist & Designer

"It is an absolute privilege to work with Pauline over the past year through her Round Table, Accelerator program and now the Evolve program.

Pauline had been on my radar for quite a few years and I knew the day would come when I would be ready to work with her. It is true, when the student is ready, the Master appears.

When I first started working with Pauline I was going through major change in my life, the kind of change that needed a different form of support; something more spiritual in nature but with a hard-ass challenging edge!

Working with Pauline has catapulted me forward at accelerated pace. Her challenging and thought-provoking perspectives have helped me reframe how I see myself and specifically how I identify with mental illness. I no longer consider myself to have anxiety or depression, I no longer need anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication and I haven't felt the need to go to my psychologist for over a year. These changes are only the tip of the iceberg as working with Pauline brings change beyond measure.

Her sessions are always masterfully crafted for the specific needs of the group. And while impossible to explain, her shamanic activations both deepen and amplify the work done at a subconscious level.

Thanks to Pauline, I am embracing all facets of who I am; the good, the bad, the ugly and all the awesomeness and messiness in between! For me this is a powerful shift as I have found a way to embrace my spirituality and am incorporating it more and more into my business.

I cannot recommend working with Pauline highly enough, it is something that needs to be experienced to be understood.

No words will ever do her justice."

Dianne Driscoll
Change & Resilience Coach, Facilitator & Speaker

"If you're ready to be stirred, challenged, uplifted, supported and deeply seen then it is the right time for you to work with Pauline Nguyen.

Pauline's style is unlike any I've come across in previous coaching - she's direct, intuitive and cuts right to the core of an issue but does so with a humanity and compassion that is heartfelt.

She's also irreverent, tells it like it is and is funny as hell… her laugh is infectious!

Initially I was overwhelmed by her 'powerhouse' energy but to be in her presence and absorb her teachings and wisdom left me thinking "I want some of that!"

Her work landed in front of me as I reached a juncture in my life… my career was successful but comfortable, my marriage had unravelled, I was grieving a loss and the world was a very different place after the past few years. Restless and irritated, I was craving change, a challenge, an adventure, and I knew in my heart I had only tapped into a small part of my potential.

Cue the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

After attending Pauline's Ziva Retreat in 2022, I knew the time had come to really do some work on myself before anything else.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program has been the perfect synthesis of the practical and the mystical. The extensive content is succinct, inquiring and cutting edge.
The themes of reclaiming our power, extending our influence and magnetising a life that we've designed are a perfect template for the changes I wanted to experience in myself.

The true power though, lies in Pauline's melding of modalities that many of us have used like breath work, nature and meditation into a unique 'alchemy' that really does accelerate change. It's been a bloody amazing ride!

Already I'm seeing the fruits of the inner work. Clarity, peace, joy and a sense of wholeness are now my predominant states. I'm living my days with more intention and the breadth of the potentials in my life are becoming more apparent to me.

The results has flowed into my work and is impacting the lives of my clients. I can't wait to see how it keeps unfolding into my life, I have a feeling of excitement and anticipation that I haven't felt in a long time.

The best part for me is feeling like I'm part of a 'family'. I'm walking this path with inspirational people all seeking to leave their mark on the world. In many ways it feels like coming home.

Thank you Pauline, for sharing your genius with us and helping me to have a greater impact in the world."

Dr Rachel Swan
Wellness Practitioner

"I am so grateful to now understand the serious nature of Pauline's work in transformation.

When I first arrived at the start of her Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program, I was experiencing an involuntary physical separation between my wife and kids. It was a devastating time for me.
It was a royally ugly time in my life.

What I began to incorporate from her course and use in my life during this period, changed my personal trajectory of everything. I can almost argue that having the weekly meetings averted me from doing and saying things that I might've regretted for the rest of my life. Thank you and thank God her program arrived at the exact moment.

While I was eager to lessen the pain and manage the frustration of my family breaking up, I began to notice many other issues that were popping in my life, like how I was living out toxic gender roles, coming from years of being treated like a king in my patriarchal home.

Sitting in a zoom room of two dozen powerful women and hearing their stories week in and week out helped shift my understanding of who I am versus who I was trying to become.

Through Pauline's guidance and the stories of all of the members of our class, I am beginning to transform into someone who is more open to new possibilities as it relates to dimensions that can't be seen or experienced in traditional ways. This shift in perspective is making all the difference in the world.

What I've learned from Pauline is that faith comes in many forms and whatever form you're getting it in, you must have faith in the vision that you want your life to take shape. Without the true power of vision, we will not advance.

These days, I focus a lot of my energy on the laws of intention and correspondence. I maintain an open heart while I correspond to what I'm creating in front of me. I keep constant focus on what I intend to bring into the world. All of it hasn't been easy. But with the deep set of guides that Pauline given us, it's made my work and life more efficient and streamlined.

Finally, understanding that we are all one family and everyone is connected, has allowed me to move along the world much simpler. Pauline has mentioned over and over that the vibes we connect with are uniquely made up of patterns. Finding the patterns that are harmonious and aligned to the truth is helping me manifest beautiful things in ways that weren't possible previously to joining The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program.

Today, my family situation is firmly situated and in a good place. And I thank Pauline for carrying me along during one of the darkest periods of my life. I sincerely appreciate Pauline and all the work she has done to help make the people around her see and experience life with more clarity.

I cannot quantify how much improvement my life is making but I can say that even if it's just a few true degrees shifted, in the next decade it will result in massive movement in my life and the people around me that I love so much.

Thank you once again, Pauline!!"

Kenneth Nguyen
The Vietnamese Podcast / Entrepreneur

"Pauline can somehow rattle your cage and still make you feel loved at the same time.

This is a talent she has mastered over many years and her honest, open and enlightening tone is what keeps me coming back.

Her book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, drew me in first and her Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program changed my life.

Pauline's charismatic way of helping you to see past your old stories and getting you to tune into your soul mission is unique, and a necessary course in how to create the life you actually want.

I highly recommend you jump in head first on the journey with Pauline, you will never regret it.

It will take commitment and vulnerability, but the monotony of a life half lived should be enough of an incentive to get off your arse and CHANGE!"

Tania A. Davies
The Success Slow Coach

“If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence with others.”

Pauline Nguyen

"Being a part of Pauline's Accelerator Program has completely transformed my life.

I am awake now.

During the 3 months of Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program, I retired from my profession of 12 years, moved into studying as a Canine Rehabilitation Specialist, and am now in the start up phase of my own business. This would not have been possible without Pauline and the space she created for us to evolve.

Accelerator allows you to do just that - ACCELERATE!

Pauline, with her gentleness and elegant ease, has facilitated my personal growth in such a beautiful way - through her weekly discourses and activations, I have been able to find my way back to me, and she's pretty AMAZING! I now have such a deeper connection to self that is unshakable. Pauline assists you to fully step into your power and all of its beauty.

The beauty and connections made with the other participants in the group is like no other…the shared experiences allowing for growth individually and as a collective was so potent and magnetically charged - it is like no other.

I have since moved into Pauline's Evolve Program and will forever be grateful to her for holding the space, allowing us to continue our journey of self growth, love, discovery, and evolution. The future is EXCITING!

Thank you,
I love you,
I am grateful for you,
Thank you for going first so we too can see."

Aimee Zuschmann

Business Woman

"Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program propels you to new heights.

It has increased my awareness, courage, inner power, love and acceptance of self.

Pauline's work shines a light on deep, stagnant, outdated, old ways of thinking and being into transformative higher levels of mind and perspective.

What was holding me back I now no longer allow to have power over me.

I have gained a clearer mind, effective actioning and a joy for living and being in the world.

Pauline's work continues to amaze me and the advancements I'm having moving forward, especially in relationships with others and repairing and upgrading my clients to a healthier version of themselves.

Thank you Pauline for your encouragement, belief and loving support. "

Melanie Sosnovsky

Business Owner, Coastal Zen Therapeutics

"The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program found me at just the right time. I was feeling restless, unmotivated and a little lost.

Each week I grew more conscious, more courageous and more centred.

Armed with a full tool box, I'm now excited to design my future and prepared for whatever comes my way.

My heart is overflowing!

Thank you Pauline and everyone involved in the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program."

Hayley Scott


"Three months with Pauline has been a cocktail of emotions.

My heart feels lighter and more magnetic.

Rashes have drastically reduced that I have been battling with for years.

In these three months I have been blessed to learn so many more amazing daily go to's for my tool belt, to dance through life with.

A true soul expanding experience.

Thank you Pauline from my heart to yours."

Peta Bayfield

Wellness Coach/Team Guardian, Village Pilates

"The best investment I've made!

Joining Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program has led me to a truly transformational experience. I have come away with deliciously enriched self-worth, self-trust, and self-love.

Pauline generously shares her depth of wisdom, knowledge, and life experience, all exquisitely and intrinsically woven through her teachings and practices.

Pauline's shamanic activations were, well, just that, Highly Activating!

This work does not end when the program does, Pauline empowers you with profound knowledge that she knows you need, as well as many tools and technologies to practice.

My life evolved rapidly during these three months, I have stepped onto a trajectory towards soul setting, creating a life I desire, and no longer living by default.

I am so grateful to Pauline and her authenticity in being of service to push humanity forward, for indeed that is what she does!

From my heart to yours Pauline, I am forever grateful."

Deborah Dias

Artist, Educator, and Holistic Practitioner

"I first learned of Pauline Nguyen through LinkedIn, and was tremendously impressed by her knowledge and insight at her Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table. But it wasn't until I joined her 3 month Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program online that I truly got to know just how much I had yet to learn from her - not just about myself, but about the direction I was going in life. I also learned new tactics and healing strategies that I could use to further my body and mind.

I am proud to say that, after Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program, the way that I view my personal life and the universe has changed for the better - and that is an understatement!

I have learned to let go of my past-a past with family troubles, health issues, and those who have taken advantage of me - to now commandeer a new future for myself, as well as be one with my soul and inner voice.

My humble thanks to Pauline for her work, and her boundless heart and care."

Paul Adler

C.O.O - P.A Research (New Jersey, USA)

"A dear friend who had experienced a great transformation through working with Pauline had recommended I contact her to assist me with the chronic dis-ease I was experiencing. It has been an honour and a privilege to have been part of Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program, 1 on 1 coaching and currently 'Evolve'. Putting my trust wholeheartedly in Pauline has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I had unexpectantly found out I was in renal failure (caused by autoimmune disease). My kidney function was dropping by 10% per week. I commenced on chemotherapy and high dose steroids. Physically things rapidly declined but spiritually, mentally and emotionally I was determined and committed to continuing to grow and learn from Pauline.

Pauline has accompanied me on every step of this journey. With her guidance and wisdom, I have been able to heal with immense joy and self love. I am constantly empowered by her teachings, knowledge, activations and meditations. She has coached me in numerous tools and strategies which have assisted me neutralise the physical and psychological effects of the toxic medications. I have learned to master my emotions, I live each day like I mean it, and most importantly, I am learning how to heal myself.
I have experienced the mystical and the magical and have been introduced to some extraordinary people within Pauline's orbit, who have also assisted to accelerate my healing. There is more to learn and more healing to be done but and I am seeing a beautiful (and often challenging) transformation take place, I now realise this path is perpetual.

After 10 weeks of Chemotherapy, my treating Professor announced "you are the most well patient I've ever seen on this level of immunosuppression. It's unbelievable that you have such minimal side effects. Whatever you're doing, keep it up."

…It is without a doubt that Pauline and The Work is my secret weapon. The potent realisation hit me like a freight train, that this work is saving my life.

Pauline's knowledge and power are endless.
She is undoubtedly a Master.
My gratitude is indescribable, I have her to thank for my newfound inner power and self-mastery. I am proud to be reclaiming my health and have never been happier or more excited for my future. Thank you Pauline."

Jayne Halikiotis

Property Manager

"The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program, with Pauline's guidance and the insights of others in the group, has literally catapulted me back into the future.

The sessions have inspired me to reconnect and integrate, consciously and with intention, with myself, my history and my next steps on an emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual level.

During the three months I have started to redirect how I connect with family and friends. I have re-invigorated a creative intellectual spark that had been flat and on auto pilot. As well, I managed to get off medication I was going to be on for the rest of my life (with pathology results to back it up :).

But most importantly for me, it has lifted my spirits and given me some awesome tools to keep me "inspired and in spirit" (TM Pauline Nguyen) every day.

The phrase: "Every day is a good day" has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Not in the "just look through rosy glasses and everything will be fine" or "there is a silver lining in everything' kind of way, but in a way that compels me to spot perceived dichotomies and integrate them into new opportunities and realities.

Pauline skilfully (and seemingly effortlessly) shapes the program and each session with genuine care, deep commitment to everyone present and beyond, profound wisdom and a shitload of transformative energy.

I have loved the open, supportively challenging nature of the program, the mix of masculine and feminine energy, the laughter, the inspiration, and the light bulb moments.

If you want to fast track the next step of your journey, shake up your core and connect with yourself and what surrounds you in new and awesomely inspiring ways then I can only recommend you to join Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program."

Michael Kunz

NGO Advocacy & Influence Manager

"I first came across Pauline on LinkedIn. I was intrigued by her, so I checked out her website. I found her book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. I bought it, read it, and was hooked. I wanted more!

I signed up for her Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table, and then her Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program. Pauline completely overwhelmed me. In the best possible way!

The Accelerator program was profound, and life changing.

It opened my mindset and spirit to new things I never considered, to things I didn't know existed, and to possibilities I doubted. Pauline helped create, outline, and open new doors, mindsets, possibilities, and realms that I could have not believed or engaged in on my own.

Pauline and her teachings have help me get on the path of becoming a better version of me. I am forever grateful to her.

It's up to you to put the work in, to use what she shares, and make it happen for yourself. She can help you find what you need to do to make you happy, it's up to you to be open and work towards it. Pauline has walked the walk so she can talk the talk.

I believe her and in her.

Thank you Pauline for your time, effort, insight, and willingness to share. Thank you for the grace you have introduced into my life. My life won't ever be the same."

Scott Thornton

President, Temecula Winnelson (California, USA)

"Pauline has an extraordinary talent for opening people's hearts, minds and eyes to new possibilities.

Her knowledge and experience in multiple fields combined with a unique approach and impeccable delivery have allowed me to get a deeper understanding of myself and gave me the keys to living (deliciously) by design instead of by accident.

I came to Pauline from a place of overwork, overwhelm and general internal chaos.

Today, thanks to my exposure to her transformative work, I am in a place of peace, calm, curiosity and furious appetite for life, fun, personal growth and balance.

As an entrepreneur, this has been a tremendous shift to the way I function. It has broaden my horizons to new, exciting projects, while giving me the tools to solve latent issues.

Pauline's work is life transforming, not only for entrepreneurs but for anyone who simply seeks a better life, on their own terms.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Pauline for your mastery, your compassion, your generosity, your candour and, your badassness."

Manon Vernay


"Without a doubt this is the light bulb moment you need as I reach out to my fellow men, who I know need to hear this and are looking for change. The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program is a game-changer mentally and physically.

I've been on the self-discovery journey for many a number of years now including many business mastermind groups, and this one opens you up to see where you need to look to allow you and your business to grow.

It was profound enough for me to see the light in the tunnel to implement for myself and take positive steps in the right direction personally.
Especially with baby triplet girls needing a dad who can be there for them and move away from his old self childhood challenges and deliver direction and belief in theirs so they can deal with their emotions and decision-making with an understanding of the WHY.

I have gained so much out of the 3months with Pauline and the group than I did with over 12 months with a psychologist. It's not the woo-woo bullshit you may think, it is the truths and honesty of oneself that brings you back to life and passions.

The fence is only going to give you splinters and another pain in the arse if you don't jump off and make the change otherwise you will repeat the shit you have been doing for the past 10, 20, 30 years again.

Make the decision for yourself and your family to start to see life from a whole new perspective. Your Body One Life Your Choice."

Pete Fitzgerald

Founder, Body Choice Health and Wellbeing

"I treasured all the conversations that were had in Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program. It helped point the compass. From my whole heart, thank you, you beautiful goddess, for your spirit and joy, for your no BS approach, for your talent and your voice. You are truly unique and what you offer is life awakening and potent.

With love and gratitude."

Kirsten Pizzey

Curator, JOYHA

"I don't do gurus. The idea of journaling makes me want to hurl. Zero desire to walk on fire, I don't do crystals or sunshine nor do I hug trees.

Spirituality is tied up in religion…isn't it? Endless talk therapy is the only real way to personal transformation…right?

This was ALL me a mere 3 months ago, just prior to nervously taking my place in The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

To be fair, I still don't do gurus or (much) sunshine. I am, however, extremely grateful to have spent the last 3 months working with Pauline and a diverse and vast group of people I probably otherwise would never have encountered.

Pauline's unique teaching techniques and her careful and considered guidance is next level amazing.

It's no bullshit, it's practical, it's for right now. Not next week, not after you've done this or that, weigh that number, read that book or downloaded that app….

Pauline's insightful, clever construction and delivery of dynamic content is a true testament to the concept of 'accelerator'. It's easy to understand to digest and most importantly you literally implement it in real time.

I've ever seen someone command a room in the way that Pauline does.
I know I found my forever home in Pauline's orbit.

Watch me hug the nearest tree and yep, I'll even enjoy it…and in the sunshine no less!"

Candy Thirroul

Artist Manager, Solo Mum, Cynic

"I had the absolute privilege to take part in Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program. I first met Pauline during her Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table and from the first hour, I knew that I wanted to spend more time with her. It was clear that from the get go that she had the knowledge and wisdom I needed to grow and transform my life - and transform is indeed the right word.

I have evolved so much in those three months of the program. I am extremely grateful, because Pauline has the knowledge and the wisdom and she is so generous with her time. We could all really feel that she truly has a deep appreciation of our shared stories and contributions. Pauline's genuine care was evident as she guided us to accelerate the best of our capabilities.

I valued the connection with the people in the group, our growth, our transformations, the level of awareness that I have gained, and then really applying all the tools and techniques Pauline taught us into my daily life is absolutely transformative.

So, if you are on the edge of deciding if you want to join or not, please just do it! Do yourself the biggest favour and jump in with Pauline and you will see how your life will not be the same again.

Pauline, thank you so much. I truly appreciated you."

Valerie Saindon

Marketing Consultant and Mentor

"Pauline has an amazing gift. A gift that is honed and cultivated precisely so that what she offers you is flawless, honest and expertly presented. The knowledge and the skills that she shares are an invitation to a different way of seeing, feeling, thinking, being.

The greatest, most powerful component are Pauline's activations - they set me on fire.

So now the work really begins! What fun! What joy! What purpose!

And so I breathe, I lean in and I breathe again.
Thank you Pauline!"

Katelynd Turner

Founder, Honestly Katelynd

"From sluggish untuned 4 cylinder to a new turbo charged me!

Since participating in Pauline Nguyen's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program, I am the most stable and the happiest I have been in my entire life.
This is coming from a diagnosed Manic-Depressive with a list of chronic illnesses, also having beaten Acute Leukaemia in 2000 and again, undergoing major cancer surgery in February 2020.

Until now, I have battled well but I have never known genuine peace and happiness.
Over the past 3 months, I have had a total awakening, I have a definite purpose in making my entrepreneurial dreams come true. I am having fun.

I have been in the presence of a truly brilliant and wise mind; a charismatic, wickedly witty, generous and compassionate presenter and coach in Pauline Nguyen.
What I have learnt has completed the missing pieces of my psyche. From this, I consciously overturn my limiting beliefs with daily practice.

With the life-changing knowledge that I have gained from Pauline's coaching on Self-Mastery, I am embracing a new way of thinking and behaving which is allowing me to create my best work.

Pauline's techniques based on ancient wisdom has allowed me to experience real freedom in ultimately finding the value in myself.

I have been on many self-development courses but they have lost their impact on me within a very short time. For me, that is the difference between being simply motivated to being profoundly inspired.

Because of Pauline's program, my life is no longer about battles, my life is about a better way to live; flow, creativity and enjoyment in making my dreams come true.
And, all this has happened…FAST! This is true ACCELERATION.

If you are ready for a profound, enjoyable and eye-opening experience that could potentially change your life to one of joy and fulfilment and you want to magnetize good things to happen to you, enrol in Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme. It is a priceless experience!"

Marie da Roza

Artist, Author and Entrepreneur

"Being called out on my bullshit is confronting, challenging and hilarious. It's made me think about what the main stories are I tell myself. Why I have created them, what purpose they have served, how are they now holding me back and what needs to be done about changing it up.

It's been challenging, wonderful, emotional, enlivening and inspiring!

Thank you Pauline, you are a deeply glorious human, and thank you to everyone who shared this experience with me."

Susan Whitby

Physical Anthropologist

"I haven't come across anything to date that is more solid, real, practical, blatant, and fucking in your face and no bullshit than Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program.

Pauline, thank you a hundred times over for all you've given me since meeting you."

Mary Shalala

Founder/Director, Pinnacle Loans

"While I can't exactly say how I landed at Pauline's door - call it divine intervention - I am certain that joining the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program has completely changed my life in a profound way. It has been a catalyst for deep growth, connection and love for self.

Often, I was blinded by my own story. The many fears and stressors that contributed to a life-threatening illness I developed years prior which needed aggressive medical treatment. From a medical standpoint, I was 'cured' but my physical and emotional body took a beating in the process - I needed a balm for the mind, body, soul.

Over the next twelve weeks, the compassion and clarity shown by Pauline and participants brought me to a place where I felt whole again. Each session Pauline opened a 'portal of grace' and in that sacred space a precious gift of spiritual learning, awakening, transformation, and deep healing had occurred.
Remarkable would be an understatement. Through daily meditation practice, breath work, and so many new tools to draw on, it helped accelerate my journey of recovery. I felt so at peace, I genuinely felt like a new person. This process of re-awakening, as I have learnt, had allowed me the choice, to keep operating in the same way, or take a different path.

It's not always been an easy ride and Pauline has challenged me and 'pushed my buttons' on many occasions - which is exactly what I needed to heal and grow. I found the courage and tenacity to get my power back in personal and professional relationships. I've made better career decisions aligned with my core values, and I have also been able to guide my children with the wisdom gleaned from Pauline's teachings.

When Pauline said to expect the unexpected, I didn't realise the true power of her words until I witnessed first-hand the miraculous transformation of healing inside my body where evidence of the disease disappeared. I know now that we can do the uncommon in optimum state, this is where the magic truly happens.

I'm truly grateful for Pauline's work and guidance, it has strengthened my sense of presence and belonging in the (meta)physical world, and I am very excited for what my future holds.

This program is a must for those who want to take the enlightened path reach a new level of greatness."

Ann Miller

Media Professional

"Pauline has opened my eyes and deepened my focus, desire and excitement to all possibilities. I am more conscious now than ever before and designing my life deliberately every single day. I am happier, more joyful and have laughed more than ever. I am sleeping soundly with no more insomnia.
I am attracting so many incredible opportunities and I feel I am just getting started.I feel way more powerful, I am judging way less hence judging myself less.

I am aware of how I am showing up and my behaviours every day. I am the creator of my life now and I know and feel that fully.All this has been made possible through Pauline's course.There is so much more that I am eternally grateful for. Thank you Pauline. In total gratitude."

Sharon Vandermeet

Director, On The Ball Personnel Australasia

"The timing with businesses and life changing so significantly highlights how much Pauline's work is needed. Her work is actually more relevant than ever before, demonstrating how much of a thought leader she is to recognise what her clients need, and to deliver it with ease and in her own unique style.

I have the absolute honour, pleasure and privilege to be working with Pauline in her Spiritual Entrepreneur Online Program, focusing on myself and rewriting my story. I get to choose how I want to live my life; in abundance or lack, pity and victimhood or hope, health, joy and wealth in all areas of my life by learning to breathe and focus within. The changes in myself, my business and my life have been amazing.

As a group, Pauline's skilful facilitation has seen us all bond and grow together in such a short time. I can't wait for each session to see what it will bring and where it will take us. I am ever so grateful to have been in Pauline's orbit, it has changed my life. Thank you so much Pauline."

Laudy Cincotta

Clean Fresh Group

"Rarely do you find someone who walks the talk like Pauline. With a no nonsense attitude, Pauline delves into your heart with ease and skill. Her approach is extremely refreshing, honest, open and so very insightful. She has provided me with the tools to up level in every area of my life with her inspiring stories and teachings. Her "juju" (meditations) and breathwork have changed my mindset, my outlook and the things I prioritise in my life in ways I could not have imagined. I have moved cities and taken on personal challenges with more ease and compassion than I thought possible and look to my future with excitement and gratitude. Thank you Pauline - you are an absolute gift!"

Tracey Baldwin

"Three months ago I joined this group on a total whim with no idea of what this crazy short Vietnamese woman with The Restaurant had to offer - especially with her motley band of very merry men and women. Little did I know that 3 months into the program, I had found one of my dearest most cherished tribe of people I would call my adopted family.

A group of like-minded, like-hearted and like-spirited beautiful, courageous and inspiring souls. Souls who want to elevate themselves and others. Souls who want to leave the world around them with nothing but a sense of expansion. We have opened up to each other, bared our souls by being vulnerable and courageous.

Pauline has a her own special brand of curating discourse about The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Here unique style of facilitation, as well as her meditations and breathwork have allowed us to walk down the long hall of mirrors and now emerge even stronger and more resilient than ever before. We continue in our self-understanding, self-care, self-love and self-compassion, and ultimately, Self-Mastery with Peace and Joy in our hearts. I am walking down the long hall of mirrors appreciating and loving myself even more than ever!

Amazing and wonderful. And forever grateful. Thank you Pauline! So Much Love for you!"

Dr Somnuk Lim

"F U N. When we are young, we joyfully search everywhere for that little word. It's an instinctive part of our everyday play. Then we get older and life tells us to leave that little word behind and we don't play with it anymore.

Yet that little word is the key to true personal power in our relationships and in business.

Pauline's online program WILL WAKE YOU UP and remember to PLAY WITH FUN again!

But there is nothing frivolous about playing with Pauline Nguyen.

The longer you have neglected FUN the harder the search. Be warned. If you truly want to integrate Pauline's wisdom to become an authentic Spiritual Entrepreneur, into every aspect of your life, make the decision with all your heart that you are ready to let FUN FIND YOU again. Pauline is there with her remarkable heart-mind wisdom to show you the way."

Katie Ravich

Founder, Give Art Create Heart

"I was fortunate enough to see Pauline speak at a leadership retreat and was blown away.

This made me want to investigate more and so I joined her Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program. I am so glad I did.

I have done many courses over the years, but this course blew my mind.

Pauline's energy is second to none and she cares deeply in wanting to help improve our lives which in turn helps improves others.

If you're sitting on the fence, leap off, you will be amazed at how much value you will receive doing this course.

Pauline's course has helped me fast track in so many areas of my life and business. I owe a lot of this to the lessons that Pauline has taught me.

I highly recommend doing the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program, you will benefit so much.
Trust me, you will thank yourself later for jumping on board. You will fast track all the greatness you desire in this life."

Matt Bazzica

Founder, The Empty Nesters Advice Group

"Pauline's programs, guidance and magnificent influence has changed my life!! As a result of Pauline's love, support and ability to speak the truth, I have been able to achieve the freedom I was craving.

I am living my life by my own design - and it is designed on living MY highest values and doing things that bring ME joy.

Fun, adventure, pure awe and wonder are now daily and essential to my routine. No, I haven't shifted off the grid, quite the opposite! I am thriving in a corporate job - powerful, open and speaking up.

It feels so good to speak up, in truth and service of others, without the fear or consideration for how that will make others feel. It makes ME feel amazing.

Consider this - the rest of your life is a bloody long time to not live as you want to, and why would you want to miss a single moment of feeling how you want to feel. Start now - there's no magic formula… you do the work and YOU get the rewards.

Pauline's generous guidance and help has been the perfect propulsion to show me this way. Once you feel it, the Acceleration is breathtaking.

Much love & gratitude always."

Susan Schryver

"Finally. Someone who makes a massive impact in the areas of both 'personal development' and 'entrepreneurship'. Without being all about the dollars, nor just your own leadership/development. Pauline manages to bring the two together in a unique (and I mean unique) style. Get ready to head into your own 'unknown'.

Having completed plenty of NLP trainings, personal development, entrepreneurship skills, Tony Robbins etc, it was perfect to be reminded of some old lessons - but in such an exceptional way that I could truly take them onboard and take action. Her delivery is exquisite and world-class.

Plus there were the endless new learnings to absorb, integrate and to be honest… get the f*ck on with.
If you open your head and heart to what she has to share, you can't help but walk away on a more powerful, fun, adventurous path. Having sold my business and expecting to travel, then COVID hit, I was feeling totally stuck in most areas of my life. Pauline inspired and challenged me out of my 'funk' and right now I'm nearing the end of writing my book… so that's a WIN for me!

She can be tough, but she also has a gentle touch when it comes to delivering the potentially prickly points.

Wow I am absolutely blown away with the changes I've seen in myself and the changes others have seen in me since completing Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

I initially thought I was going to get some great business insights on how I can better run my business, but instead, I left with wisdom on how I can live my life the way I want it to be. To manifest incredible experiences and to consciously choose me every single day.

Through this experience I have learnt not to hold back, to speak my truth and to never stop showing up for myself every single day.

I manifested a beautiful baby into my life and from the tools learnt from this course I feel blessed that I can work with these tools through pregnancy and to pass them on to my babies guiding them to honour themselves.

Thank you so much Pauline for activating my inner powerful goddess, I am forever grateful."

Alana Hernandez Leung

Holistic Counsellor, Awakened with Alana

"I had heard a lot about Pauline through my wife, seen her on a TV program where she experienced homelessness and also began listening to her on-line meditation.

I select where I spend my time as work and life in general is quite busy for me (as is everyone-else) and this is where the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program suited me.

I am a General Manager of a national company and needed something effective, real, and challenging.
This is not like any other leadership or business course!

This is a journey - your journey of reflection and action that holds you to account through Pauline's experience to make you realise your potential and vulnerability.

You need to do the work to get the results, which I have benefited greatly in work life, family and how I see myself.

If you are concerned about sharing your vulnerabilities and achievements in a group, don't. We were all strangers at the beginning but shared tears, laughter, joy, reflection and happiness after just the first session.

You get to grow with the others in many ways, yet different ways. Pauline is amazing, in how she facilitates and conducts herself. Her openness, her speakership abilities, and her professionalism, which can be defined as being a down to earth person who feels and shares what we feel. And most of all, her magnetism to allow you to go on own your journey with her.

I practiced what I learnt immediately and the outcomes I achieve are what Pauline stated I could do from the start.

I can't put it in enough words, but if you feel a connection to earth or nature or know there is more to this life, then you need to begin the journey.
Lots of love to all in our group and to Pauline."

Stacy Kambouris

General Manager, Operations , AGPAL Group of Companies

"Pauline and her Accelerator program are out of this world.

It was the best 3 months of my life, that has literally changed every single thought and feeling I have.

I cannot thank Pauline enough for the positive effect she has had on me, my family and my business."

Lisa Simpkinson

Founder & Director, Village Pilates

"I knew it would be exciting and valuable to be a part of Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program. I had heard Pauline deliver a powerful keynote before, and had been to her Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table.

I never anticipated to be so engaged in excitement to see what each week would bring! Every week for 12 weeks, Pauline's expertly facilitated her teachings with fun, love and BadAss behaviour. Just Brilliant!
To be connected to so many wonderful, giving, caring and like minded people is the greatest bonus of this course. My Biggest Takeaway… Pauline helped me to change my money story. It was a story that had been dragging me and my business down for years. Now the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't wait to continue my journey with Pauline."

Marg Gravener

Director/Owner, Big Rhino Crane Hire

"Pauline came into my life when I needed it most. It has been a real blessing for me. Having had a very tormented childhood, I believed that burying my feelings and my pain deep inside me was a sign of strength and that it would pass over time but all I did was accumulate toxic emotions year after year, so much that I lost touch with my own soul and the Divine. My inner light shut down. I was taught fear and I have been fearful for so long that any other condition seems almost impossible. A very dark period followed where I went from mild depression to extreme anger, frustration and hatred and I had no control at all, sometimes feeling like I was going insane.

By being in contact with Pauline, I've started to look within myself, I was forced to confront these fears with perseverance and courage. As she says, 'Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.' After only a few sessions of shamanic activation and breathwork, I managed to start a deep work of healing where little by little

I learn to know, to respect and to truly love myself. I've learned so much from The Spiritual Entrepreneur Online Program. It is exactly what I needed on my journey of self healing and exploration. I love the way Pauline presents difficult subjects with so much clarity and with no sugar coating that penetrated all the areas of life, not only business. She always speaks her truth unapologetically. She's such a free spirit and an inspiration. I will be forever grateful for her invaluable sacred teaching and support. Life is beautiful and exciting again and I get to decide how I want to live it. THANK YOU PAULINE!" 

Aiyana Wolf

Antara Spirit

"I first saw Pauline deliver a keynote speech a reached out to thank her personally. Then I saw her Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program and not hesitate to enrol. This program is not your typical program and I already knew that before I signed up.  Nothing about Pauline is typical - and she did not disappoint. In fact, Pauline's program showed me that I was playing too small. Too small in my home life, and too small for myself, and too small in my businesses. This has changed the game for me, I am now out and proud to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur, something I have been shying away from for all my life. BUT not anymore! And it's to the support, the connection and the growth this program has given me.

When I look back at our 12 weeks together, I can see how far I have come. To share a beautiful moment… My mother passed away on one of the mornings of the course. When she was leaving, she had some fear and I was able to step up and do some spiritual work that helped her go onto where she needed to go.  And I did this loud and proud in front of my family. Something I would never have done out loud.  How grateful am I to have had everyone's love support. And to have just completed Pauline's program so I could be comfortable sit in my own spiritual best for my mum and for me. Very much full of my own power.

It was great to see and feel the exception people I shared the program with. Beautiful souls, with the ability to be so open and willing to shift within themselves. How grateful I am to witness their journeys as well.

Thank you so much Pauline for the gift of you.  For always showing up as the person you are and for standing in your souls work. I am forever grateful for this journey. Thank you."

Lydia Bergantino

Wild Me Pty Ltd

"I loved Pauline's Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator. One week after it's finished, and I'm missing it.  

Pauline has taught me a heap of strategies that I can use to challenge my thinking and my stories. As well as understanding myself and my values better to work towards creating the version of myself that I want to be.  

Thank you for the fun and laughs and straight talking as well. 

What an inspiration you are Pauline. Thank you!"

Julie Fletcher

The Community Services Specialists

"Admitting to oneself that you have come to uncertainty and are at a crossroad in your life is huge!!  Enter Pauline! 

This is a human of such compassion and love.  Pauline generously passes on her wealth of knowledge to her students, allowing them to thrive. 

I have journeyed through the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program and it has been incredibly inspirational.   Life Changing in fact! 

Learning the meditations, breathwork and so much more has transformed my life.  Her teachings have helped me in my personal challenges - to  understand them by giving me the tools I use now to find a resolution. 

Pauline teaches to prioritise, change your mindset, to be confident, and to redesign your life to live inspired, fulfilled and in joy.  This program delivers so so much more. 

I'm blessed to be one in an amazing collective of
beautiful people who have been uplifted and inspired
by Pauline.  

Thank you Pauline. Always in my heart with gratitude."

Vincent Camassa

Clean Fresh Group Pty Ltd

"The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program is a high energy, high content accelerator which gives great insight into finding balance in the high pressure world of business and life. Pauline has exceptional energy and not only provides inspiration, but concrete and practical tools to manage and thrive under all circumstances - anyone who joins her orbit will no doubt lift their energy and benefit from her practical and inspirational content. Thank you Pauline for your candour, your insights, your tools and your compassion."

Peter Gibbons
Managing Director, Openn Negotiation