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Retreats to awaken the spirit and elevate the soul

Start Your Journey with a Retreat in NSW

Pauline offers a number of profoundly impactful retreats which offer the ultimate immersion into the Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Pairing exquisite food and complimentary wines with five-star accommodation, these intimate retreats offer breakout sessions with extraordinary results.

The retreats provide a unique blend of personal development, meditation, shamanic activations and experiential healing activities, all combined with the business acumen and tools necessary to help you create true success and fulfillment in your life and career. Attending a retreat provides you with a unique and life-changing escape from your day-to-day life and a chance to reflect, reconnect, and recharge.

Take a look through our list of upcoming retreats and workshops designed to help you find the inner peace and harmony you need to live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.


Held over three days, the Ziva Life Collective Retreat is designed as a change agent for like-minded women who are ready to uplevel their lives. Based at the beautiful Willow Tree Estate, Pokolbin NSW, the wide-open spaces help facilitate transformation in an organic fashion, at a pace that perpetually amazes its guests.

Run in partnership with integrative chiropractor and Personal Performance Coach, Dr Maria Zuschmann, the Ziva Life Collective specifically caters to the professional woman who is ready to self-actualise, and is looking for the right spiritual and business leaders to take her there.

The next Ziva Life Collective Retreat will be held 9-11 February 2024.

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(Unio – Latin for Union)

While UNIO is a co-ed retreat and couples are welcome, it is not a “couples’ retreat.”

UNIO is designed for those who wish to dive deeper into the Sacred Union of your Masculine and your Feminine energies, as well as the Sacred Union of your Greater Mind, your Gift of Breath and Body and your Omnipresent Spirit.

The next Unio Retreat will be held 19-22 October 2023.

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You’ll experience a sense of connection, renewal, and transformation – both during the retreat and beyond. With Pauline’s guidance, you’ll be able to create a life that is both meaningful and profitable. Read on to discover how. 

What to Expect on Our Personal Transformation Retreats

As part of our retreat, you will undertake a range of inspiring activities designed to elevate you as an entrepreneur:

    • You’ll have the opportunity to take part in a range of modalities, combining breath mastery, guided meditations, mindful movement, Qigong and nature’s medicine. These intimate experiences are the ultimate exercise in releasing old blocks and opening energy channels to reignite passion, purpose and a sense of inner power.
    • Enjoy intimate settings and breakout sessions, where you take advantage of opportunities to truly connect with yourselves, your peers, and deep-rooted powers. Alongside a carefully selected panel of moderators, Pauline uses a range of modern technologies with her knowledge of ancient wisdom to accelerate your personal transformation and expand your sphere of consciousness.

With guidance, delve into your innermost depths, uncovering deeper understanding and knowledge that can have a profound and lasting impact on your life.

Our Business Retreats in Australia are for Entrepreneurs Like You

Attending a retreat with Pauline is truly a life-changing experience. Connect with like-minded individuals and learn the tools and techniques to help you unlock your deepest potential and reach your highest vision.

Inspire your team to reach new heights with Pauline’s workshops and experiential activities. Participants can gain powerful insights into their own motivations and approaches to life. It’s the perfect opportunity to build the tools to achieve new levels of success.

Discover how our immersive retreats can transform your mindset, your heartset, your healthset and your spirit. Book a retreat in NSW for your team today.

Unlock the Secret Ingredient to Life-changing Results

Pauline’s retreats in NSW provide an opportunity for deep transformation. The retreats offer the chance to truly explore the depths of the self. By gaining a greater understanding of their innermost being, participants are better equipped to make positive, life-enhancing changes.

Pauline uses modern science and spiritual practices to open the subconscious mind to receive new information, as well as rituals to help clear blockages and open pathways of communication between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Through her sessions, you can access a new sphere of consciousness, allowing you to reconnect with your true self and gain greater self-awareness. You’ll gain invaluable insights and develop the tools to create lasting change. Sign up today to start the first day of the rest of your life.

“Let’s start with the words you speak, the thoughts you think. As an electro-magnetic being, what are you being a magnet to? What are you repelling? There’s that beautiful dance between science and spirituality.”

Pauline Nguyen