Shamanic Meditations

Pauline Nguyen’s Guided Meditations for Entrepreneurs Who Think Meditation is Crap

Pauline’s guided meditations have been described as the ultimate stepping stone to consciously designing one’s own life. Combining a proven mix of visualisation, hypnosis, N.L.P, psychology and shamanic voice activation alongside expertly crafted binaural beats, each meditation is designed to focus on a specific result, giving the listener the competitive advantage in business and in life.

These manifestation meditations are unlike anything you’ve heard before. Using her shamanic gifts which she has called upon to physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally heal countless others, Pauline draws from Eastern and Western modalities, utilising the knowledge and skills she has absorbed from working with the Masters over two decades.

How we deal with crisis is how we deal with life, and in both business and in life, we are constantly faced with adversity and challenges. The way you show up in those times determines your internal harmony and external success. Meditation is the bridge to self-mastery; encouraging the training of the mind to transform emotional energy to a place of power and autonomy, marrying success and fulfillment in an unparalleled experience.

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“Badass Manifesters don’t meditate to get good at meditation — we meditate to get good at life.”

Pauline Nguyen


  • Cultivate greater confidence, calm courage and fearlessness to conquer the natural ebbs and flows of life
  • Feel more focused and determined
  • Find your centre and become grounded with ease so you’re unshakeable
  • No longer sweat the small stuff, with an ability to focus on what really matters
  • Deepen your sense of connection with those around you, to make you a better leader
  • Increase an absolute joy for existence that nothing can take from you
  • An increased vibrancy that magnetises others to you
  • Manage your energy to decrease stress and avoid burnout
  • Feel more joyful, playful, sensuous and in flow
  • Have better sex
  • Become a Badass Manifester
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“Personal development cannot happen unless personal disruption happens first.”

Pauline Nguyen

Science-Meets-Shaman: Awakening Your Inner Shaman

Pauline created this series of manifestation meditations and shamanic activations for herself, first. She, too, was frustrated by poor recordings that just featured lapping water and someone speaking softly about nothing relatable. 

At first, she blamed herself for not being able to clear her mind and really give them a chance. Sound familiar? Then, as she learned more about the heart-mind-body-soul connection and the way breathing and purposeful reflection, intention and introspection can unlock powerful revelations, she realized those meditations just weren’t up to the task. 

So, she decided to design her own guided meditation activations and has generously made them available to everyone tired of warm, fuzzy, meaningless meditations and ready to actually make shit happen.

Elevate Your Mind with Guided Meditation Activations

Pauline’s guided meditations feature a proven mix of visualisation, hypnosis, N.L.P., psychology, and shamanic voice activation, combined with expertly crafted binaural beats. The recordings are all original scores of high-quality and professionally mixed.

The beauty of combining these technologies is that it dives deep into programming and reprogramming the subconscious to guide your mind, body, heart, and spirit into the intentional power state of each shamanic meditation.

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To get the most out of your manifestation meditations, follow these suggested principles:

  • To master each meditation, and for life changing, long term results, listen to them at least once (maybe twice) a day for 30 days.
  • Some days may be easier than others to get into ‘the zone’. As with everything, Meditation is a practice that needs to be cultivated. But I promise you, once it becomes a part of your daily routine, you will want to dive deeper and learn more about this ancient wisdom
Yes! I want the meditations now.

“You are naturally happier when you design your life consciously. Let me repeat that. You are naturally happier when you design your life consciously.”

Pauline Nguyen