"The best session I have attended at Adobe in 5 years. Hands down."

"Absolutely inspiring, each word spoken with conviction with the gravity of a rich experience. you are an awe-inspiring leader Pauline."

"Doesn't it feel like spoken poetry? I've definitely gotten a second wind this evening."

Adobe Global

"It is rare for someone to inspire the heart and mind; almost unheard of to speak to the soul as well. Pauline manages it with ease. She combines an honesty and vulnerability with a confidence that is engaging to listen to - the audience of over 300 was captivated from start to finish. She offered practical advice but so much more; her personal story, told with humour and grace, and simple concepts that really resonated. The energy in the room after Pauline's talk was amazing and, for days afterwards, I had people approach me to share how her talk had inspired them. A fantastic experience and she is without a doubt one of the best speakers I've had the pleasure to listen to."
Emma Jensen

CEO, Director, Senior Marketing and Business Leader, OPTUS

"Your inspiring personal story, your reflections about how your tap into your personal power, and your conversation about how self-mastery is the key to authentic leadership resonated deeply with our audience.

The audience felt inspired, supported, and connected with each other. You really equipped us with a better understanding about how self-mastery leads to authentic leadership and enables us to "get good at life."

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us - the response has been overwhelming!"

Women Intuitive Leadership Team

Intuitive Surgical

"Pauline was outstanding. I will never forget the day I woke up and thought Pauline = Equinix.

She was the perfect fit."


"Wow. Just Wow. Pauline is probably the most skilled and talented speaker I've ever seen. She's like a little Buddha and Southern Baptist preacher in one tiny but oh-so-powerful package. Every word was not only deliberate, but inspired. I was hanging on every word."

Jennifer Lier

Executive Speakers

"Pauline was brilliant!!! No words….the team were overwhelmed"


"Where do I begin, Pauline Nguyen was more than we ever expected. I have received calls from people asking how long they could replay it because they wanted to do so alone to soak up everything she had to say once more. I don't even have words to express how good she was, for all of the 30 minutes or so she spoke and additional time spend on Q&A, she was engaging, charismatic, entertaining, riveting, candid, transparent….I'm running out of adjectives. Hands down best decision I've made since becoming President. She was appropriate for such a time as this and thanks to COVID she was brought forward as we never would have considered her otherwise considering the costs. So now here is the BIG problem. What in the world will we do to follow that up? She will go down in DA4S History as they best keynote we've ever had. Thank you for all you do and representing such great talent! We appreciate you.

I'll let Kathy share her thoughts directly but from an overall perspective as shared with you yesterday via texts Pauline was beyond incredible. Not one person dropped offline during her keynote - the entire audience was riveted by her keynote and her story - definitely hit the jackpot with Pauline! Today still on LinkedIn people are posting about her and her story - this we have not seen before in this volume after speakers.

Thank you Arnie as always for never failing to deliver to us suggestions for keynote speakers and for only bringing the best of the best to us for all our events. We appreciate it! We appreciate you also always thinking "outside the box" and never having us go with a speaker that so many others have - we are always unique and stand out with our keynotes - kudos!"

Dee Knopp

Executive Director, Diversity Alliance for Science

"Without a doubt, Pauline is one of the most powerful, engaging, and inspiring speakers I've had the pleasure ever to see. In a world where change is the only constant, her compelling and heartfelt story filled with courage, innovation and self-mastery is one all leaders should hear. Additionally, the feedback that I received from my top leaders was amazing to the point that we had one of our most successful months in October, which , I feel was not pure coincidence. Thank you Pauline for fuelling the opportunity that produced amazing results. Pauline has inspired my team at Life Force and I dare say many many others. Pauline would make a classic keynote speaker at any conference."

David Raphael

CEO, Life Force Asia Pacific

"Without a doubt, Pauline is one of the most powerful, engaging and inspiring speakers I've had the pleasure ever to see. In a world where change is the only constant, her compelling and heartfelt story filled with courage, innovation and self mastery is one all leaders should hear."

Anna Petracca

CEO, Lorraine Lea

"It is rare for someone to inspire the heart and mind; almost unheard of to speak to the soul as well. Pauline manages it with ease. She combines an honesty and vulnerability with a confidence that is engaging to listen to - the audience of over 300 was captivated from start to finish. She offered practical advice but so much more; her personal story, told with humour and grace, and simple concepts that really resonated. The energy in the room after Pauline's talk was amazing and, for days afterwards, I had people approach me to share how her talk had inspired them. A fantastic experience and she is without a doubt one of the best speakers I've had the pleasure to listen to."

Singtel Optus

"From the moment I met Pauline Nguyen, I honestly sensed that this lady was very special. Her aura and energy captivates you and her story transcends you to a better place of understanding and perspective. Thank you Pauline from the bottom of my heart. My wish is for all the people on this planet to hear your story and benefit from the inspiration you have given me and my conference delegates."

Bridges & Associates

"Real, raw and relevant. Pauline gave us so much to think about through her life story, sprinkled with experience and wisdom."

Celine Egan

CEO, The Juice Plus Company

"Within three seconds of Pauline opening her mouth, I realise something special is about to happen. Pauline manages to create a connection with every person in the room and draw them into her presence. It's palpable. Pauline shares wisdom, wisdom of the universe intertwined with practical applications and business-mindedness. For one hour, she had us 100% in her zone. Like it was a dinner for two, eye-to-eye, over a glass of wine. I left that lunch with an elevated soul, and the utmost respect for this incredible woman. I can't wait to devour her book 'The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.'"

Jodie De Vries

Owner, Tiny Hunter Branding Agency

"I had the joy of being a part Pauline's presentation to Direct Selling Australia. Pauline's presentation was breathtaking, mind blowing and one of the best leadership keynote speakers I have ever heard (and we hear a lot in this industry!)

She was raw, vulnerable, generous, open and so insightful. I am truly blown away. If anyone hasn't heard her speak, they need to!

I haven't stopped raving about her and have shared excerpts of her keynote with friends in lockdown, as well as our entire company. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Allana Hinks

Managing Director, Modere Australia

"I was fortunate enough to attend the National Harcourts Conference in Wellington New Zealand, where the first Guest speaker was Pauline Nguyen. This was definitely a stand out performance for the conference and I heard a lot of people comment on how this was their favourite memory of the 3 day event. Pauline has a wonderful way of story telling taking you on an interesting path of the tapestry of her life, which was a mixture of devastation, desperation and determination. She captured the attention and hearts of everybody in the room as she told her story of her life. It was heart felt, relatable and she has a wonderful delivery of story telling, almost taking you back in time on the journey with her. Pauline is one of the best professional speakers I have seen, it awakens you to what's possible even when it feels against all odds."

Harcourts International

"I had the privilege of getting to see and listen to Pauline speak at our digital conference.

To engage a large group when keynote speaking can be a challenge inside itself. But to also keep a group not only engaged but on the edge of our seats when it is online and digital is another challenge all on its own.

Pauline not only did this for myself, but many other people who were also part of the group she was presenting too. Her stories from growing up and how she changed her narrative brought tears to my eyes and is a true inspiration. Then moving onto business and the transformations made inside her business of 18years, not only are they also inspiring but also aligned with my values.

Finishing with her spirituality and shamanic meditation was the icing on top. Truly showing her intrinsic energy and how many people's lives she is capable of helping.

I can't recommend her highly enough for business owners who want to grow their business culture and team relationships.

I look forward to the future when I am able to see her in person."

Regional Business Initiative

"When Pauline started speaking, her words made me sit up and pay attention. She spoke words I have never heard a speaker speak before. Her words took me by surprise and I was glued to Pauline.

We journeyed together throughout the keynote - the rawness, the honesty, the resilience and grit left us with plenty to digest. Not only did Pauline gift us her presence, she has also gifted us her book 'The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.'
Her words stick with me still."

Stella Gianotto

Creative Director, Brands for Brands Agency

"From the moment Pauline started speaking I was completely captivated into her amazing journey resonating as a female entrepreneur.

I also experienced a tough upbringing, and seeing and hearing how Pauline has reframed her experiences, developing grit and resilience to continuously be reinventing the way she shows up in her business as a fearless leader, empowering other business leaders to be the example of what is possible. Pauline left me with a feeling of inspiration, and truly tapped into my core, magnifying my human potential, and that we truly get to choose how our life and business plays out. My biggest take away is that we must expect change and learn to create change and be the change to influence collaborate, and innovate and never give up, even if it feels impossible, we must find a way no matter what. I love how Pauline has a spiritual approach to business and the 3 hours that she delivered to myself and the K2 leadership group, I truly was lost in time and space, feeling now I have so much more to achieve, create and learn. Thank you so much Pauline from my heart to yours thank you… still just so grateful."

Rebecca Miller

The Skin Whisperer

"Pauline is Excellent. She had everyone in the room totally engaged. Her story was compelling, surprising and beautifully told. I've had only very positive feedback from our members and her resonance with the attendees was evident by the number of book sales on the night. Pauline is a beautiful lady and we are so pleased to have had the privilege of hearing her story. I would highly recommend Pauline to speak in front of any audience."

Pania Gregson

The Greater Narellan Business Chamber

"Pauline has made an impression on the women in that auditorium. I could only hope that will be the seed to open those who listened to her words into taking the steps to live a life with courage and boldness."

Nina Barcenilla

Business Analyst, Optus

"Excellent isn't strong enough - outstanding!"

NSW Bar Association

"Pauline does not feel like her bio reads, an obvious formidable background as an entrepreneur is alluring. She leads with an approachable shine as connected heart-led leader, and a skilled guide through a journey of life.

She makes you feel the child, the trauma, the pain and growth, as if you live her life yourself. Then reveals the powerhouse personality, a cross between a Shaolin monk, energiser bunny and a surprising dose of unexpected badass.

Pauline is a skilled storyteller, narrating her life that captivates, inspires, breaks you down and puts you back together again. Sharing a story like no other, with words of feel with words that heal. You will not want the journey to end because you know there is so much more. As a business owner I left with a full heart, great practical tips and a desire to know more."

Andrew Fenton

Advisor-Director, Fenton Financial

"I am amazed at Pauline's personality and message to the world. She is an extraordinary communicator both written and verbal. Her message and keynote presentations move you. She is both professional and larger than life. She inspires anyone fortunate enough to hear her speak. Thanks Pauline for your message to the world."

Sam Cawthorne

International Speaker, The Speakers Institute

"Pauline was fantastic! She appealed to all delegates in our very diverse audience. There were moments in her presentation where you literally could have heard a pin drop!"

Ashlin Fisher

Hardware and Building Traders

"Pauline is one of the most beautiful, humble, kind hearted but at the same time gritty and truly authentic people I have ever met. When I have heard her speak it has rocked me to the core. I love her approach to life and business and I love that she's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, fight the good fight and make some serious positive changes in this world."

Lisa Messenger

Founder & Editor in Chief, Renegade Collective

"I would rate Pauline Nguyen as one of the best speakers I've had the pleasure of listening to and working with. Her passionate delivery about her early family life coming to Australia and subsequent business success was truly inspiring and thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance."

Matthew Hourn

Lawyer Director, Neville and Hourn Legal

"Pauline is a mighty force of nature. A highly successful entrepreneur with a powerful message the world greatly needs to hear. Her leadership and wisdom is truly inspiring."

Siimon Reynolds

Advertising Entrepreneur

"Pauline was fantastic to work with and the feedback we received was consistently 9/10 or 10/10 from our attendees. I can't praise her enough."

ING Direct

"Pauline is an absolute powerhouse who is on a rapid path of progression and enlightenment. That's great for her; what's great for those she comes into contact with is that when she shares her insights and wisdom people listen, take note and change. This makes her a very special human being and someone I am privileged to know."

Glen Campbell

Managing Director, Brandheart

"I have been in the K2 business group for over 3 years, and every 3 months we have a line-up of many business speakers and mindset speakers. However nothing compares to Pauline and her story. Her stagecraft is next level and I love that. Pauline's keynotes were presented in a way that had me captured and enthralled and learning all at the same time. I found her immensely warm, direct and intelligent. The way her story played out was so captivating and encouraging and even though we have different stories, I was able to feel her story. It resonated deeply with me and helped me to see things differently in my own life. I loved how she married business and spirituality. This resonated with me so much and it made if feel normal to be a business woman with a spiritual side. Pauline's story was told like the 'heroes journey' and we were all so very captivated with her strength, determination, self-love and self-respect as well as her connection to her soul. I could watch Pauline talk 1000 more times and never get bored. Thank you so much for enlightening me, and for a beautiful shamanic ceremony to connect deeply with my own spiritual side.

P.S. we have all asked to have you back!"

Lydia Bergantino

WildMe Pty Ltd

"Pauline is a gifted writer and compelling speaker. Her stories are drawn from rich life experiences and are imbued with the wisdom of someone who has overcome difficult and challenging circumstances to become a successful businesswoman, best-selling author, inspiring mentor and devoted mother. The qualities that have made it possible are obvious: courage, persistence, imagination and a generosity of spirit. With a sense of adventure she's always up for exciting new challenges, and is as eager to learn, as she is to share her knowledge. With so much to impart, it is no surprise to see audiences hanging on to her every word. I have no hesitation in recommending Pauline Nguyen as a thoughtful, engaging and provocative speaker."

Annette Shun Wah

Executive Producer, Performance 4a

"Pauline is an extremely inspiring individual. She captivated the audience of nearly 500 guests from the moment she took to the stage. In the over 7 years' experience I have had arranging and viewing speakers at our events, it is the first that I could have heard a pin drop from start to finish. Pauline's ability to engage with the audience and hold them in the palm of her hand, for 40 minutes, was nothing short of exceptional. Pauline was extremely professional and generous, both in her interactions with the committee and guests after the talk. She stayed behind long after the fact to sign books and take photos. I have no hesitation in recommending Pauline as an inspiring and engaging speaker for any event she agrees to commit to. Her ability to articulate her life story in an honourable, genuine and entertaining way was just remarkable."

Emma Hoolahan

President, The Association for Women In Insurance

"The first time I heard Pauline share some of her inspirational story I was blown away. Therefore I was thrilled when she accepted the opportunity to speak for the League of Extraordinary Women community in Sydney. Pauline's amazing achievements mean she is well equipped to deliver inspiration and practical tips on a number of topics including leadership, innovation, delegation, customer service, identifying a brand message and driving it hard to set a business apart within their respected industry, and most importantly the art of failing and having the strength and courage to rise back up again. I would highly recommend Pauline as a keynote speaker for any event where you are looking to engage the audience and inspire passion and energy whilst providing them with practical takeouts they can apply to their own business and life."

Georgia Nides

League of Extraordinary Women & Founder of Zoii

"Pauline's story, coupled with her mesmerizing cadence, is truly powerful. I have seen plenty of strong speakers, but she feels other worldly.

Even as exhausted as I was, she had my rapt attention and I had to consume more.

Pauline's virtual presentation is also exceptional. The sequencing of her content is some of the most skillful storytelling I have seen in a long time.

The depth of her content and how she weaves the story of courage, fortitude, pain, reinvention and deep fulfillment is brilliant."

Mirjana Novkovic

Co-Founder, Speaker Story Bank

"Every so often, there is a speaker who graces a stage and creates a seismic shift in the energy of the room, whether virtual or live. I have experienced this physical, mental and emotional vibration from Pauline Nguyen.

First, during a 3-hour virtual workshop, where her content and delivery was so powerful it kept me in rapt attention for the entire presentation even as I watched her delivery remotely.

And most recently, during her keynote for the speaking industry's largest gathering of leaders at the 2022 Engage Convention for The International Association of Speakers Bureaus.

As Co-Chair of the event, it was important to bring a speaker who could elevate our theme of Going from Transactional to Transformational to a level of deeper impact, and Pauline did just that.

From her first moment of eye contact, to her opening words with such a unique cadence and delivery she held the room of seasoned speaking industry leaders while she shared actionable strategies for helping each of us become more Unshakable.

At a time when individuals and industries are looking for ways to become more transformative, Pauline Nguyen has lived the path and also knows how to transfer her knowledge and experience in a way that creates inspired and insightful opportunities for change and growth."

Mirjana Novkovic

Co-Chair - 2022 Engage IASB, Co-Founder- Speaker Story Bank

"Pauline Nguyen is an energising breath of fresh air. I love her story. I love the way she thinks. I loved everything she said. She took us on a journey, she made us laugh, she made us cry and she inspired us to improve ourselves. Pauline connected with us, touched us all and left us forever changed."

Kerryn Atkinson

Women in Digital Programs Lead, DELL WITEM - APSC

"Pauline was highly responsive to the audience and their desired experience and showed agility in tailoring her workshop "on the spot", enthralling and capturing their creative minds. It is this that encouraged delegates to stay on to experience her next session. We highly recommend Pauline as a speaker who succeeds in exposing leaders to the limitless landscapes of leadership."


(WA Secondary School Executives Association)

"Immediately after Pauline's presentation, and then for the next 48 hours, I received nothing but universally excellent feedback. People that have been to many conferences commented "Best speaker I have ever heard" or "Best part of the conference." There was a lot more to this than I could ever have expected. Great Speaker, Great Person, Great Experience."

John Chapman

CEO, Airport Retail Enterprises Pty Ltd

"Pauline held the audience on the edge of their seats with a presentation that was powerful, moving and inspirational. Pauline's messages resonated strongly within our audience as she encouraged us to embrace change, to support one another, and to develop resilience, courage and grit."

Maria Humphreys

Head of Engagement & Community Services, Financial Planning Association of Australia

"Pauline's keynote speech was captivating. I could not look away in fear of missing out on important life changing details. Pauline had taken me on a journey of her life and after her speech I was so excited to learn more about how I could free the power of my mind to enhance my mental wellbeing. She has started me on the path of being "Unf*ckwithable" Pauline is one of the most inspirational people I have been lucky to meet."

Anthony Willingham

Operations Manager, ORORA

"I had no idea what to expect, however from the opening introduction, I was utterly enthralled. Pauline's story of inspiration and honesty was one of, if not the most impressive presentations I have ever seen. Pauline's impeccable delivery with lessons from both a personal and business perspective were on-point and whole-heartedly engaging.

A story of honesty, overcoming adversity, self-efficacy and self-awareness with astute life observations was interesting, relevant and touched me on a personal level.

Pauline has communication and articulation skills that kept the entire audience engaged and wanting to hear more. I will always remember this event. Well done Pauline. Well done."

Carl Fairbairn

Investment Adviser, Crestone Wealth Management

"I cannot believe I almost missed THE most important presentation of my life!

Pauline's webinar for Educate Plus was so powerful. I went for a walk outside, knowing that something momentous had taken place but not sure what it was.

Pauline's words "your problems are your life's rewards" are exhilarating! It feels as though I have been weighed down with the 'problems' and now, I am now equally as high with the joy that these are just obstacles that I am somehow determined to go around, through, under, over, whatever it takes.

What on earth has happened? Despondent and bordering on suicidal to… 'Right, what's next? Bring it on!'

Thank you and thank you 1000 times, thank you."

Meri Roh

Professor of Educational Leadership

"Pauline is a gentle inspiration, one that creeps up on you, and does not leave easily. I had dreamed of Pauline visiting our school for a number of years so I was excited, the students entranced and the staff blown away by the journey Pauline carried us on. Pauline's theatrical delivery invites the listener to experience the emotions of life, its sufferings and joys, all in the frame work of a positive tomorrow.

Pauline's life story is one of conquering challenges and making conscious decisions to impact her life's journey and future. As an entrepreneur and restaurateur she encouraged us all to chase our dreams within an ethical framework whilst managing time well and including the spiritual in our day.
One teacher commented that Pauline was "the best speaker we have ever had speak on our stage", many others commented on the timely message and the amazing delivery of life's good advice. Most importantly the students were uplifted.

They commented that Pauline's rising above hardship had been an inspiration to them. One students said "It's talk like yours that make me want to work that little bit harder and separate myself from the average worker", another "Your presentation has inspired me to achieve" and "I want to find out what I am good at".

Pauline's gracious and generous willingness to serve others and to mentor young women cannot be more highly recommended but it is the message of hope that shouts so loudly to students who come from such a wide variety of homes and circumstances. We need more of this positive, hope filled vision in our world. She is amazing."

Jan Stoddart

Head of Information Services, Danebank Anglican School for Girls

"I had so many AHA moments during Pauline's keynote. The most impactful question she shared was this… "What do I need to do to feel the way I want to feel?

Oh God! This is such a smart and strong question. I understand the depth here.

I would really like to thank Pauline so much for what she shared on stage.

You are a great inspiration Pauline and I am really grateful for you."

Karima Bokreta

Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

"There goes the announcement welcoming Pauline to the Stage…and she walks in and starts off with, "Let me look at you first" Hmmm. "Let me breathe you in…" She exhales and that was the last moment I remember blinking and weight shifting.

Pauline's Keynote was so personalized that it literally felt she was looking each one of us in the eye and speaking. No one fidgeted. I looked around and no one moved.

With that Aura, she shared her life experiences and imparted such wonderful knowledge that I believe every existing and upcoming entrepreneur in that room can never let go of.

"We are what we share"

"It is not the pursuit of happiness, but finding happiness in the pursuit"

"Rest is a weapon"

Pauline's keynote brought me joy and peace - spiritually, mentally and physically.

I look forward to reading her book and attending more of her events.

Thank you Pauline."

Taha Ahmed Khan

Business Development Manager, Delhi Nihari Restaurant & Delhi Catering

"I was captivated by Pauline's spiritual grit and passion in her keynote at the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival. Her ability to speak powerful truths was profound and poetic and she commanded a real deep presence- it was a breath of fresh air to experience.

Her interview with the Inner Reflections by Sheba Bashir Kichloo Podcast was also deep and full of rich wisdom and learning, sharing some intimate stories. She is a very special warm soul

Sheba Bashir Kichloo

Founder Inner Reflections Consulting, Podcast Host "Inner Reflections by Sheba Bashir Kichloo", Wellness Practitioner, Poetic Artist, Inspirational Speaker

"Perhaps Pauline's keynote was only a 30 minute speech, but it has drastically changed my mindset and my perspective towards many things in life.

My wife has already started listening to her audio book (even before I do). I found Pauline's keynote extremely fulfilling and packed with key values which will definitely help us on a personal level as well as fine tuning the way to expand our business.

I am looking forward to attending more and more of her talks, and I wish her and her beloved ones a safe, healthy and blessed life.

I'd like to thank Pauline again for the sincere and uplifting speech she has shared with us all."

Mohamed Agaty

Founder, Agaty Calligraphy

"Pauline Nguyen is a powerful communicator with a unique and compelling story to share. As a leading businesswoman, creative talent and community leader she engages her audiences with insights from a life lived deeply and fiercely. Her writings - whether in her blog or in her theatrical work are a source of constant inspiration to me."

Indira Naidoo

Broadcaster and Author

"Pauline is charismatic and inspiring. She is full of wisdom, depth and her work displays attention to detail. When Pauline walks in a room you feel her energy. She is prepared to share her heart and her soul with the audience. This is a rare commodity in an artist. Pauline possesses the unique characteristics of what a successful speaker needs to contribute: tenacity and determination, a committed work ethic and generosity to others. I recommend Pauline to be given any opportunity to share her life experiences with audiences."

Darren Yap

Director, Actor, Playwrite

"Pauline nailed the digital presentation for our K2 Elite Leadership Online Retreat.

Her inspirational, clear, precise wording about leadership was full of experience, motivation and passion. I actually look forward to going back to watch her speech again and again. It was that powerful.

I also loved her poetic hypnotic style of speaking.

I felt like my body and mind were following her rhythm. So lovely. I really did feel like it was a very special shamanic meditation and look forward to going further on this journey. Thank you so much again.

I am truly grateful for the special experience."

Brooke McHatton

"Pauline was captivating, arresting our 600-strong audience the second she took the stage. Her compelling message comes from the right place, her powerful art of delivery is nothing I've ever seen before and her authenticity came though from her personal narrative and passion. Pauline displayed a generosity of spirit from brief to prep to execution, making our partnership a real privilege and pleasure. She's simply one of a kind."

Cherry Yumul

VP Channel APAC (Foundry, formerly IDG Communications)

"Amazing! I loved every minute of Pauline's presentation. Spent most of it in tears.
I couldn't take notes fast enough. What a powerful and inspiring speaker. Her unstoppable burning desire to accomplish and be the best version of herself.

Through which she imparted so many motivational techniques and words of wisdom on how to lead an empowered life. For her first full digital presentation, she smashed it! I have lobbied hard to get her back ASAP, as have many others. She has certainly been a topic of conversation in our groups. I hope I get to see her again soon. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Amazing."

Nathan Wardell

"What I loved most is how Pauline Nguyen expressed herself in the infinite mindset that she has as a business owner and speaker. As Pauline says, 'We are not in competition with anyone but with ourselves.' This tells it all where her success has come from. I would like to thank Pauline and Kerwin for such an inspirational presentation and how we can thrive post Covid-19 global pandemic."

Watson Ndiraya