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Meet Pauline: Personal Development Coach and Leadership Speaker

Pauline Nguyen is a conscious entrepreneur, international keynote speaker and life coach who integrates science and spirituality into her life, her teachings, and her coaching.

Her exclusive techniques support people in search of balance, peace and purpose in their lives. A Shamanic practitioner, she uses her profound knowledge of ancient wisdom to call on healing and transformative energies, to assist her clients and students gain clarity, access their power, and make profound and lasting changes in their lives.

Here, you will find a space of peace and inspiration to cleanse your spirit and nourish your wellbeing. Take a moment to explore the journey of self-discovery and transformation that awaits you, and find yourself at home in this sanctuary for the soul. 

There is no keynote speaker in Australia today quite like Pauline Nguyen. This entrepreneur is one of the country’s leading motivational and inspirational speakers and is considered as one of the world’s greatest disruptors, innovators and thought leaders.

She is dynamite on the stage, sharing her journey of entrepreneurial success despite all odds. Arriving in Australia as a Vietnamese refugee, Pauline overcame childhood abuse and extreme adversity to rise to renown as a business leader, coach, spiritual teacher and shaman. Combining the latest in neuroscience with spirituality, her keynotes are a distillation of decades of work with CEO’s, corporates and entrepreneurs, guiding them to transformation through the game changing new paradigm of Conscious Leadership.

As a leading international motivational and inspirational speaker, Pauline has the skills to connect with her audience in a profound way – she helps awaken and focus people to a new paradigm of Conscious Leadership – changing their own story for a better future.

Conscious Leadership offers the antidote to fear. The fear that leaves a toxic residue that won’t be as easily tolerated in an increasingly complex business environment.

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Pauline’s Story


Hers is a story of triumph over crushing adversity. Escaping from Vietnam as a child in a handmade fishing boat, Pauline overcame the trauma of an abusive childhood to consciously design her life as an award-winning restaurateur, entrepreneur, best-selling author, spiritual leader, business coach, mentor and one of the country’s top keynote speakers.

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Pauline is one of Australia’s most sought after developmental coaches, helping her clients manifest extraordinary results, fast. Combining science and spiritualty with psychosomatic healing techniques and ancient spiritual arts, Pauline’s skill as a coach, teacher and mentor are unsurpassed.

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Looking for a Personal Development Coach to Change Your Life?

Recognised as one of Australia’s top 50 influential female spiritual entrepreneurs, Pauline is a sought-after personal transformation coach who brings a unique perspective to the stage as a compelling female keynote speaker.

Inspiring audiences with her dynamic delivery, captivating stories, and thought-provoking insights, she has an in-depth understanding of the challenges people face and provides powerful solutions to help them succeed.

Her inspiring and thought-provoking talks provide value to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. Passionate about empowering people to find their own inner strength and courage, her engaging style and powerful insights help to motivate, empower, and inspire her listeners to reach their full potential.

Discover Pauline’s Approach as a Transformation Coach in Australia

With over 20 years of experience in personal development and spiritual growth, Pauline is no stranger to adversity. With a challenging start to her life, she has overcome a range of setbacks that have only empowered her further.

Now as a conscious entrepreneur and leadership speaker, she offers powerful transformational workshops and retreats, online classes, and one-on-one coaching sessions that aid personal development and growth.

Start Your New, Re-energised Life Today

Are you ready to take the first step towards living life by design and not by default? Join Pauline on her journey of integration and transformation.

Learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom and gain clarity on life’s challenges through tailored coaching sessions. These coaching sessions offer guidance and support to help you develop the skills and confidence needed to manifest your dreams. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and discover how to align your life with your purpose.

You can also attend one of Pauline’s events, which are designed to foster connection and collaboration with like-minded people, helping to expand one’s support network and create meaningful relationships. Reach out today to find out how you can benefit.

“If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence with others.”

Pauline Nguyen


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