For the first time ever, and, at a time when so many need it most, I will be offering the Spiritual Entrepreneur Inner Circle Online.

Registrations for ‘The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program‘ will open on Friday 3rd April.

At last, I am able to share this opportunity for those who live internationally or interstate, who have always wanted to join The Spiritual Entrepreneur Inner Circles, normally held exclusively in person, in Sydney.

This unprecedented program will include two hours of direct access to myself each week, for this emergency six month period.

Oliver Jackson, Director of Living Property has experienced the power of my Inner Circles first hand.


“I first met Pauline when a friend of mine put me in touch to speak to her because I was going through some serious life changes and needed some guidance.

As one of the best Developmental Coaches, Pauline did not hesitate to help me though my turmoil with nothing but true professionalism. She listened, did not judge and gave non bias guidance.

The impact it had on me was instant.

Fast forward 5 months and I was speaking with the same friend about getting myself a speaking coach for some seminars I had coming up and possible keynotes to prepare for.

He suggested I speak with Pauline again as she is one of the most sought after international keynote speakers. I told her my story and that I needed a speaking coach.

I was clearly terrible in our first session and I think Pauline knew she had a lot of work on her hands!

Pauline has a way of explaining things so clearly and makes it so easy to understand, that I have excelled so rapidly. I still can’t believe how far I have come and how fast I have gotten here. My confidence levels are through the roof and I actually now really enjoy speaking to groups. This was once crippling for me.

Her teachings have also allowed me to open up with my writing, which I now love.

My whole vocabulary has changed. The way I talk, walk and breathe has changed. The morning meditation and breathing exercises she has given me have lowered my stress to the point now where it is non-existent.

I feel powerful every single day.

And then I joined her Spiritual Entrepreneur Inner Circle.

That has been one of my biggest life changes for me.

A group of extremely powerful, amazing entrepreneurs guided by Pauline to find our true selves, where we really stand in this world, and helping our businesses excel like never before.

This has become a true family for me in such a short amount of time – and because of Pauline this has become possible. I will be forever grateful to her.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspirational, professional, dynamic and overtly badass Human that has shown me so much love, respect and guidance.

You are a true Life Changer.”

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