I have a confession. I knew this crisis was on its way.

I have a confession.

I knew this crisis was on its way.

I didn’t know its name; COVID-19. I just knew it was big, it was global and it would reach Australian shores in March.

Let me backtrack.

I work with my Shaman teachers several times a year, to heal, reach new dimensions and up level my skills.

In November 2019, they warned me of what was to come in March 2020. They told me that Pluto and Saturn would meet in conjunction with Capricorn. This incredibly rare meeting of these revered and feared planets would force us as a collective to transform; shed old ways and make way for the new.

To revolutionise or risk darkness.

To end old patterns and rise or be torn down and suffer again and again.

To evolve or repeat.

After receiving this news, I shared this with my Inner Circle in December 2019. I told my Inner Circle followers that old paradigms will be shed and a new normal was coming. I organised our group to physically meet in February to help us all prepare.

In February, we gathered in a beautiful nature reserve with incredible energy; a place where the First Peoples of Australia would once travel to, in order to give birth.

We gathered for an activation ceremony, to prepare for what was coming. We went Quantum – where we connected to pure source energy. It was a game changer for us all.

Now, with what we know for sure, is this time is asking us ALL to evolve or repeat.

Evolve or repeat.

This is why I am launching my Inner Circle online, for the first time ever.

I know my purpose is to help birth this new state of consciousness and make it available to my followers; no matter where they live.

I have been blown AWAY by the response to this program and the group is rapidly filling. I am filled with gratitude with the opportunity to connect and heal collectively in this way.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program will run for the next six-months, starting Wednesday, April 15.

It is by application only; for those who are ready to choose Poise over Panic.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program’, will include access to two hours with me, every week.

This will include

  • A 30-minute master class every Monday

  • A 30-minute live Q&A

  • A 30-minute Shamanic voice activation and healing meditation

  • A 30-minute breath work session every weekend

This program is by application only and will take into account a comprehensive application form, as well as a consideration of what you would be willing to pledge for two hours with me every week.

I normally charge up to $1000 per hour for 1:1 coaching.

What would you pledge to be prepared for this new paradigm?

What would you pledge to be unshakeable?

What would you pledge to access profound wisdom and knowledge before these events happen?

What would you pledge to evolve rather than repeat the same mistakes over again?

The testimonials of my Inner Circle from our February shamanic activation and preparation ceremony are nothing short of awe inspiring.

Karla Mcneice says,

Gathering as an inner circle that day in the gully was more like a call to arms in solidarity to powerfully prepare in anticipation to be at the ready for ourselves and therefor others. 

Being activated to step up now, get ready now, to use this moment now and use the collective dynamism of the group now; who would’ve thought from that day we were moving all together through this world-wide change in a calm, jovial, defiant and high vibrational way.  

I had a powerful vision during the ceremony of when I stabbed my stick into the earth; a shooting light or what looked like glaciers or electricity shot out about 200 metres in front of me… I felt immense power, wisdom, strength and purpose fill me and assure me of where to turn in any moment of fear, confusion any unknown or any distracting theatrics.

The visceral feeling and vision was so rich I cannot deny its purpose that day.

Could I have activated this on a leisurely stroll by myself? Or wished it into a thing? Or learnt it from a book? 


It’s the facilitation and activation from Pauline and the kick ass combined vortexes of the Inner circle group.”

My long time Inner Circle member, Dr Maria Zuschmann says,

“The knowing that there was going to be a shift in March and being prepared for it gave me the unwavering internal certainty that all will be ok, and in fact better than ok, that the preparation that we have done with You P has placed me in a position to thrive, elevate and be calm in knowing the shift in our world was coming. Did we know it would be in this format, no… but our ceremony in February created an amazing new foundation of vision, joy and love to continue to move through daily life…the connection of spirit and in quantum has kept my heart and soul vibrating high and allowed new ideas to flow, and a new level of joy and gratitude …. I know that we will all come out the other side of this in a far better place than which we went in… unwavering internal certainty.”

While Oliver Jackson says,

“When something like a pandemic comes along, we are prepared, we have done the hard work as a collective to be ready for these events.

Pauline is the glue, the guidance and the master that guides us there. 

We are powerful because we combine our spirit and energy and do the work together.

That’s true freedom.”

And Chris Volpe says,

“My team, my business partners and my wife have all asked me since COVID-19 happened. “How did you know this was coming? You’ve been talking about this since November last year.” I said I didn’t know. All I knew was that we had to clean out our house before March 2020 and be ready. I’ve been working with my teams at work, my business partners and my wife (and anyone who would listen really) to be ready for this collective challenge by going within and dealing with important issues we have been facing or putting aside for too long so that when March came we would have some space in our lives to handle what was to come.

We created space in our life so that when the challenge arrived we would be able to flow with it. We would be able to focus on what we can control and not worry about what we can’t. We are able to stand up as leaders not from fear but from inspiration.

The ceremony we did with Pauline further deepened the experience and allowed me to identify even the most hidden beliefs that were holding me back. She held up the mirror and in this mirror I was able to witness the beliefs I needed to change to move forward. To rebirth and grow. It’s hard to face these inner challenges it can be very confronting however when I change what is on the inside it changes what is on the outside (my life experience) so I continue to do the work because… it works. For me it’s not about surviving it’s about thriving.”


There has never been a more potent time to test who is living their lives by the highest priority.

I’m beyond excited to help you reach yours.

Applications for the program will close Tuesday, April 14.

In love and wisdom,


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