Not Your Average Coach

Beautiful Emma Scott – Who healed 12 years of Excruciating Pain in just 3 short months. From living a life of Chronic Pain to now one of Joy, Playfulness, Sexiness and General Badassery. THRIVING. 

I am so very very proud of you. So much Love for you.


“Pauline Nguyen is not your average entrepreneur. Pauline Nguyen is also not your average personal coach either. In fact there is nothing average about Pauline in any way shape or form. The word ‘average’ should never be used in the same sentence as the name ‘Pauline Nguyen’. It is sacrilegious.

I first met Pauline by accident. I was invited to attend a business women’s lunch in the city. I was distracted. I had a lot on my to do list for the day. Did I really have time for a two hour lunch event where another speaker would entertain us for an hour or so, sharing their personal story and their take on the world? Yawn. I’d heard it all before. I’m a regular junky when it comes to personal and business growth events. But lately it had felt like there was nothing new out there. I’m not someone with a great deal of patience and I certainly don’t like to waste time.

Yet here I was dedicating another few hours to another event.

As I looked up out of the corner of my eye I could see someone had entered the room. Pretty. Short. Dark hair pulled tightly off her face.

I started to scroll mindlessly through Instagram. 

What happened next rocked my soul. Pauline spoke, with such power, such intent in such an earnest way that I literally dropped my phone. She had my full attention, probably for the first time ever. 

On that day I was mesmerised from those first words to Pauline’s final words. She told her against the odds childhood story with such emotion and poise. She shared her business success in co-founding the world’s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant and she shared a little about her mastery in merging science and spirituality to achieve incredible personal and business growth. 

I knew I had to meet her.

I had a sixth sense that this woman was going to have a profound impact on my life.

So I organised to have dinner with Pauline Nguyen, and during this meeting I shared with her a little about my life, not only my successes as an entrepreneur myself but also my pain. I had been suffering from a form of rheumatoid arthritis (an excruciatingly painful condition) for over 12 years. I had tried everything to heal. I had travelled the world looking for answers and yet nothing to date had helped enormously. I’d had little improvements here and there, but if anything I felt like I was going backwards.

Pauline suggested that I start some sessions with her to see if it might help. She made it very clear that she could guide me, but my healing was up to me. I had to do the work. Doing the work is something I don’t have a problem with. 

So we began.

I met Pauline at sunrise on the cliff tops of Clovelly and she began to introduce me to her many modalities of healing. One by one she unveiled her mastery, mastery that is designed to bring about shifts in mind, body and spirit. Her expertise includes shamanism, energy management, NLP, CBT, EFT, emotional mastery, meditation, manifestation, heart entrainment, nature’s medicine, breath work and leadership skills to name a few. 

So I did the work, and embraced her methods wholeheartedly. I got my body moving with yoga, I cleared my mind, I embraced the healing energy of the sunrise, I activated my vagus nerve by jumping in the healing pools at Clovelly Beach, I cleared some energetic blockages, I did a Chinese herb water fast to cleanse my body of toxins, and slowly step by step I began to come alive. And as I came alive my body began to heal, the pain started to shift. I actually got my oxygen levels in my blood measured before and after the program and my blood had become completely oxygenated, beyond the average person’s oxygen levels. My whole life had changed… in only 3 months. After years of searching I was actually healing. 

One of the beautiful unexpected outcomes of this journey was the sheer joy I was beginning to feel. I was finding myself laughing and giggling all day. I noticed I was less irritated by the smallest things. I wanted to hug everybody.

Now I want to reiterate that I have seen some of the most important doctors and so called healers around the world trying to find answers. And what I realised, it took a woman who walks the talk, a woman who has lived through her own battlefields, her own health crisis, her own business challenges. A woman who has sought out the most powerful teachers from around the world to learn from, to become the powerful badass ninja that she is today.

It took Pauline Nguyen, ‘The Spiritual Entrepreneur’ to show me the way to create my own path to heal.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Eternally grateful.
Emma Scott
Tiny Hunter – Director


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