Being an Exceptional Entrepreneur

Our final Roundtable for this season was EXCEPTIONAL. The magic real and powerful. My guests come to Roundtable as strangers to each other, and leave as soul-connected friends having shared and learnt much together. And we all leave more fulfilled, enlightened, in-spirit, inspired and exceptional than before. 

“I believe knowing yourself is central to being an exceptional entrepreneur and leader. Under Pauline’s expert, intuitive guidance the Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable was an authentic journey into the self and learning from the wisdom of others. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough for those seeking to learn more, grow, build wisdom and see humanity in others. Thank you Pauline.”  
Derick Borean – CEO Altius Group

Here’s a taste of our dinner conversation!
* Our inner turmoil has a purpose. Inquire into your inner turmoil and find the gold waiting there for you. 
* The quality of the question determines the quality of the answer.
* The biggest challenges in business and how to overcome them. 
* To surrender to the hidden order.
* There is a way “in” to everyone, if we can take the time to find it. 
* Self sabotage and its impact on our every day actions.
* We become our environment so be mindful and consciously choose who you want to run with. 
* Happiness is not some far-off destination you attain once you have achieved your goals. Happiness can be found right now. You can choose to feel it right now.
* Lack of self belief is what stops most people from getting to the next level in business. 
* The 6 basic human needs, and how 2 of them keep people trapped in suffering. 
* Doing the work by stealth, from the inside-out. 
* How worthy you truly are. 
* The literacy of the future will be your ability to change your beliefs. 
* The important of always questioning things. Even me!
* Not waiting for the magic bullet or Aha-moment of ‘happiness’. It is in the doing, the everyday, and the practice, that happiness can be found. 
* Our bodies are instruments of consciousness….
And so much more. 

Would you like to spend a weekend with me digging deeper into these areas?

Would you like to learn the strategies and techniques I use to be Fearless, StressFree and Unshakable in Business and in Life?

Come and join me. 

I have a few spots available at the upcoming Awaken The Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat where you can connect with like-minded people, and learn The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur with me. 

When: June 14th – 16th 

Where: Palm Beach, Sydney

By application only. Get your application in here

See you there.

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