“How magical that feeling is, to feel light, to feel pleasure, to feel joy every single day.”


“How do you thank a human being who has helped you breathe into your whole being after nearly 3 decades of silence?

This is what Pauline Nguyen has shifted. She has held the mirror to my face and guided me to my consciousness.

Before May 2020, I was not in a good place. Decades of self victimisation and unconscious living.

I saw Pauline’s video on Facebook, “What has happened, has happened,” and it spoke straight to me. If you have seen her videos, you know what I talk about.

I automatically registered for her Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table, and in the first 5 minutes she made me cry. It was a cry of release. She was forthright and said, “Diana you are not breathing correctly.” I cried. I knew this was true, and I knew at this moment I want to breathe for me, for my whole being correctly every day.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program was three months of focused and intentional #BadAssByDesign. Each week 20 people shared their joys, their fears and their transformations.

Each week Pauline guided us through laughter and tears as she pinpointed our missions. To be best at LIFE now.

Her activation / meditation sessions are evolutionary. Her Shamanic techniques have allowed my vagina to breathe into my whole orbit.

How magical that feeling is, to feel light, to feel pleasure, to feel joy every single day.
I live now, presently, intentionally. Everything I have done since being part of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program has seen my career explode, and also my spirit alive. My mind, body and heart are aligned with my spirit.

Thank you for saving my life Pauline. Thank you.”

Diana Nguyen
Actor | Comedian | MC 

Join Me, Life Will Never Be the Same Again

***The Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table***
October 16 – 2020

***The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program***
January 27 – 2021

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