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Over the years, my coaching practice has not been a part of my eco-system that I have deliberately promoted.  Why?  Because I am incredibly discerning with who I take on as a client.  This may seem blaspheme to some, but that is how I roll.  Many have told me that, as a coach, I should accept all types of people.  No.  Serial Complainers and Blamers are not for me.  Why shouldn’t I also be inspired by someone with whom I am to spend so much time with? 

My students and clients experience deep sustainable and lasting change, and continuous evolution.  We also have a lot of fun and share many laughs.  My methods are unique and powerful. I do not focus only on the mind.  My work pays importance to all four pillars –  Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset – the Spirit, to embody the willpower and the resourcefulness necessary to achieve the goals you once thought unattainable.  It must be all encompassing.  No area can be ignored. 

While many coaches are moving towards online courses and coaching from a distance to ‘scale’, I prefer to go in the opposite direction as everyone else.  Those who know me well will know that I don’t like to follow the crowd when the ways of ‘the crowd’ make no sense to me.  I prefer to bring it back to true human connection.  Because Connection is why we are here.  Connection is what gives our lives meaning and purpose. 

How was I to know that a recent article in my local paper, the Wentworth Courier, about why I love my suburb, would bring in such a wonderful wave of new coaching enquiries from my local area.  Life never ceases to surprise me, and my Gratitude is Deep for this Game that Life allows me to play.  So, while I have chosen to build my coaching practice by stealth over the years and not shout it out loud… perhaps it is time. 

You can read the full article below…….

And, if you are dissatisfied with the status quo; if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired; if the old ways are simply not working for you; if the old ways are still causing you so much pain; if you are suffering quietly and silently on your own; if you are yearning to live the new way, a better way; and you would like a powerful and skilful coach who likes to do things differently to everyone else –  a coach who will hold you to account so that you can produce the badass results that you deserve, then connect with me here:

Access to nature’s medicine, daily

As appeared in Wentworth Courier on April 10 2019

Red Lantern’s Pauline Nguyen juggles running a restaurant in Darlinghurst with coaching clients at home in Clovelly.

Where do you live?

A short walk from Clovelly Beach

When and why did you move there?

We have been in this area for four years. It is important for me to be near the ocean and have access to nature’s medicine on a daily basis. This is an important part of my life and what I teach as a coach and mentor. It’s also important for my children’s lifestyle.

The thing I like most about living here is:

The proximity to the ocean and the majestic cliffs.

Favourite local place for coffee?

I make my own Bulletproof Coffee at home. I fast intermittently from 8pm to 1pm each day. The only thing I have is my coffee first thing in the morning and then stay in moderate ketosis. This is food for the brain which keeps me productive and vital without the brain fog and misallocation of energy. Otherwise Brewistas in Darlinghurst.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up at 4.30am every morning to pray and meditate, I then dry brush my skin and have a cold shower.

At 5.30am I make the school lunches for my children and put them in the fridge for when the kids wake up.

At 6.00am I coach my clients to be as powerful as possible to become fearless, stress free and unshakeable in business and in life, before swimming laps of the ocean.

The hours of 9am – 4pm are spent either working from home or creating, writing and learning, or I’m having team meetings at Red Lantern or business meetings out in nature.

At 5pm I have another swim in the ocean and do laps. After that, I “play mum”.

If I am not socialising or learning at night, bedtime for me is usually 9pm through the week. On weekends I work at our restaurant Red Lantern from 6pm until late.

Favourite local restaurant?

Red Lantern of course!

The last meal that truly impressed me was: My husband Mark’s homemade meal of roast lamb and grilled prawns with roasted vegetables. He is also the Chef at Red Lantern.

Tell us a favourite local business out of your little black book:

Clovelly Hotel. Since the change in menu and new management, we are there almost every weekend.

Where is your “home away from home”?

Paris. I lived there from 1995 to 2000. My most favourite years happened there.

Every year I visit at least 2 new destinations that I have never been without husband and children.

Paris is the only place that I will return to over and over. I have many friends, relatives, memories and quality humans who I will love forever in Paris and across France.

Favourite nearby park?

Bundock Park – Clovelly Cliffs.

There is an incredible healing energy there.

One thing I’d like to change about my suburb is; the agro that is sometimes apparent from swimmers in the Bronte lap pool.

Where do you grab your bread/groceries?

For bread, Iggy’s Sourdough in Bronte, Harris Farm for groceries and Bondi Discount Vitamins, which is located on Bronte Road, for low toxin household products and natural organic products.

What has been keeping you busy? (Giggles). I rarely use the word “busy” these days. I spend my days ‘inspired’ and ‘in-spirit’. Life becomes a playground when I design my day-to-day professional life in orbit around my life principles, and not the other way around.

My days are spent designing, collaborating, creating, speaking and teaching workshops, retreats and promoting my latest book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Sharing with many the 7 Secrets to becoming Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakeable in Business and in Life.

I do not believe in the pursuit of happiness, it’s what keeps so many in a place of suffering.

We are not meant to be happy 24/7. It is not the pursuit of happiness, but finding happiness in the pursuit. That is what life is all about.

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