Before I do something new, I always have a discussion with myself. It goes like this…

“I may be an amateur now, but I will become a Master in no-time. I understand that if I don’t put in the work, I don’t get the pay. So, Pauline…I will see you on the other side.”

This is what I say, no matter what it is. From my own yoga practise, breath work and meditation, to when I’m sitting in the eye of the hurricane of writing a would-be-bestselling book, or taking on a new project during COVID-19, or doing something I have never done before.

Keynote speaking is no different. I have spoken to a crowd of 4000 people and captivated Every. Single. Person.

Do you think I was born with this craft?


I sought the Masters, I worked, and I worked, and I worked, and I Mastered. I have transformed from someone who once froze on stage, terrified and traumatised, to someone who can enrapture stadiums.

Now, time and time again, people who see me speak tell me they were mesmerised. Leaders of corporations tell me I’m the best speaker they’ve ever seen. Entrepreneurs say I have changed their life.

The thing is, I’m not praise driven. I’m data driven. I know I am on purpose when people get results.

My keynote speaking career is managed by ODE Management, Australia’s premier speaker agency. ODE only has 20 speakers on the books at any one time. 20. Just 20 of the best non-celebrity speakers around the globe.

Watching my latest speaker show reel created by ODE, was a fascinating reminder of what life was like before. Before things got so interesting and COVID-19 invited us to innovate like we never have before.

Watching this show reel, speaking at corporate events and retreats, reminds me again that the only certainty in these uncertain times is how we show up. The only certainty is our unwavering internal certainty.

That how we do crisis is how we do life.

Recently, I delivered my first three-hour keynote and presentation digitally to Kerwin Rae‘s K2 Elite Leadership Group. Kerwin is Australia’s leading business strategist and human performance specialist. Instead of feeling the energy of my audience, often in their thousands, I stood in one spot, in front of a screen, and streamed my message to hundreds sitting in their own homes.

I rocked it.

I entered that space as an amateur – stepping into the arena, having never done something like it before.

It ended with an extraordinary response.

Nathan Wardell wrote to me and said, “I spent most of it in tears…I couldn’t take notes fast enough. Your unstoppable, burning desire to accomplish, to be the best version of yourself. You are an amazing and inspiring speaker and I have lobbied hard to get you back ASAP.”

Brooke McHatton said, “Like many others I am still sitting in your words of inspiration and am so grateful for yesterday. You are inspiring, moving, entertaining, grounding and motivating. I was in tears many times; you’re are a gift!”

as_one_global wrote, “A lot of us from the K2 community have seen many, many speakers and yours was definitely up the top. I can only imagine how powerful you would have been in person. Your intrinsic energy came through digitally, which I believe is a huge feat most haven’t been able to do.”

While Lydia Bergantino said this: “I have been in the K2 business group for over three years and every three months we have a line-up of many business speakers and mind-set speakers; however, nothing compares to Pauline and her story. Her stagecraft is next level and I love that. Pauline’s keynotes were presented in a way that had me captured and enthralled and learning all at the same time. I found her immensely warm, direct and intelligent. The way her story played out was so captivating and encouraging and even though we have different stories, I was able to feel her story. It resonated deeply with me and helped me to see things differently in my own life.”

The data doesn’t lie. The testimonials speak for themselves.

I am so honoured to be represented by ODE. They understand my message and how important it is right now. They know that I can deliver live or digitally. They know my skill to facilitate groups in person or online. They deeply get the mastery it takes to be able to innovate and adapt like I teach and like I model.

I work with groups, small and large. I speak. I teach. I mentor. I coach. I guide. I am an actionable, practical, divine bridge between spirituality and business success. I transform from amateur to master. I teach others to do the same.

See you on the other side.

With Love and Gratitude,

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