As much as I love the buzz and excitement of a live crowd, the energies shared with my attendees, and especially the face to face conversations, the world of webinars allows me to harness another skillset that sees me touch the hearts, the minds and the spirit of other human beings from another part of our planet, beyond the pixels and the frequencies.

Thank you to Meri Roh for reaching out and sharing with me after experiencing an international online keynote that I delivered recently.

Meri Roh, an incredibly brave woman who found the way to shut down long standing thoughts of self-harm and filling that dark void with power, joy, hope and happiness.

I LOVE what I do. I am excellent at what I do. And it is people like Meri Roh who inspire me to continue to uplevel my game time and time again.

My Gratitude is Deep for this Game that LIFE allows me to Play.


Meri’s full testimonial …

“I cannot believe I almost missed THE most important presentation of my life! Pauline’s webinar was so powerful.

I went for a walk outside, knowing that something momentous had taken place but not sure what it was.

I spoke briefly to my supervisor and I had to go home and fell asleep waking at 5am – an unheard of sleep pattern.

Fast forward to now (not quite 24 hours) and Pauline’s words “your problems are your life’s rewards” are exhilarating! It feels as though, as weighed down as I have been with the ‘problems’, I am equally as high with the joy that these are just obstacles that I am somehow determined to go around, through, under, over – whatever it takes.

What on earth has happened?

Despondent and suicidal to “Right, what’s next? Bring it on!” overnight.

Thank you and thank you 1000 times, thank you.

Regards and best wishes,
Meri Roh


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