It is my joy and my privilege to watch my clients and my students heal, evolve and transform their lives in quantum time.

It is because they do the work, and therefore, they get the pay. And when they get the pay, they get to PLAY a very different game of life.

Dr Bettina Tran joined my Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator 3 month program. She did the work, she got the pay and now, she gets to PLAY.

If you are feeling confused, stuck and sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you yearn for new perspectives to catapult you out of the old, then I invite you to join me for The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator where you get me LIVE each week for 3 months online.

Trust me, Life will never be the same again.

Enjoy Dr Bettina’s full testimonial below:

“I was introduced to Pauline’s work through a colleague who described her keynote as “spine tingling” and “captivating”. I quickly researched, read her book and signed up for the course not knowing what to expect.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program is truly an experience like no other – words fall short in describing the truly transformative nature of the course. Previous to enrolling, I felt stagnant in many areas of my life, knowing I needed to break free from this mindset.

As a consequence of joining this group, my life began to morph in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I’ve completely relocated, redesigned my life and I’m on the road to living my purpose in true alignment. Pauline has rekindled the spark inside me, now I’m ready to light the way for others.

Special mention to the incredible group of people you meet and join on this journey – raw and authentic connection intertwined with understanding and compassion. A truly inspiring collective. In gratitude of all that you have done for me Pauline.”

Dr Bettina Maia Tran


Click here and join me – commences January 2023.

I keep my groups intimate for maximum potency. Spots sell out quickly – secure your spot now.

New York City USA (GMT -5)
Commences 4 January 2023

Sydney Aus (GMT +11)
Commences 5 January 2023

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