Martin Watts attended my last Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table. I don’t take it lightly when he tells me that I have helped him “regain the strength he once yielded” in life.

Martin is a working CEO in Greater Nashville Area USA, and found incredible benefit from The Round Table’s mix of spirituality, insightful business takeaways and networking – packed neatly into one rich online event.

Featuring an intimate group of connected entrepreneurs, leaders and those who want more out of business and life, The Round Table is open again – but take your seat quickly, they will fill up soon.


Martin’s full testimonial…

“I had the pleasure of inclusion into the Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table with Pauline.

It was apparent, I was in the right room with the right people with the right facilitator.

Pauline is certainly not afraid to be herself daring anyone who challenged that– I fell in love with that characteristic.

What I saw in Pauline during the Round Table did not disappoint as she was a genuine soul, purpose and truth driven with a deep love for people that was founded on hard, hard times that have led to an overpowering need to be struggle free and remain free.

She is a beautiful, gifted soul and is somebody I will trust to help me unbox my possibilities as she will believe the things I have seen and experienced my entire life.

I had a most amazing experience during that the Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table that will help me transition from a toxic long-term partnership and re-establish the confidence and drive I had when I started my first business nearly 33 years ago that have been slowly whittled away over the years.

I give this beautiful, spirited entrepreneur permission to help me build on my foundation to continue my transition into maturity and regain the strength I once wielded in confidence.”

Martin Watts – CEO, Ozark River Manufacturing Co.


The Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table
Now open to USA time zones.

Click Here and Join Me.

Sydney Australia (AEST) – 8am Friday 22nd April
New York City USA (UTC-3) – 6pm Thursday 21st April

Expect the Unexpected.

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