Gift yourself and your loved ones an evening to remember.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table – a splendid introduction (or revisit) into our world.

In the classic story, Excalibur, King Arthur’s loyal knights join him at his round table to break bread, tell stories, and help solve each other’s problems from a higher state of mind.

This envelopment within unlike-minded souls is the foundation of my fiercely anticipated collaborative events, The Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Tables.

Each session brings together a group of high achieving entrepreneurs and quality humans with proven personal and professional acumen; expertly facilitated and coached by moi at the helm.

This online event is designed to help you go from feeling stagnant to becoming InSpirit, InSpired and In Love with the Joy for Existence.

When you attend the Round Table, you can expect the unexpected! In this online event:

  • You will enjoy insights and inspirations from my award-winning book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • Hear stories and experiences shares from unlike-minded entrepreneurs
  • I will guide you through Breath work and my special Shamanic Activations
  • Enjoy juicy discussions that will make your spirit sing

“The Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Round Table was a super engaging afternoon and evening spent with the like-minded people. The night was powerful, deep, educational and reflective. Spirit meets entrepreneurs. It doesn’t get much better!”
Dr. Catriona Wallace
Flamingo Al

Expect the Unexpected

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