How To Become a Badass Manifester

Have you ever experienced such an incredible unrelenting string of bad luck that made you want to throw your hands in the air, look up to the heavens, fall to your knees and cry out “WHY ME! WHYYYY MEEEE?!?”

I certainly have.  I remember the time vividly.  Tax bill after tax bill.  Parking fine after parking fine.  Minor and major car accidents.  Inflammation.  Illness.  Constant physical injuries.  Business failures.  Sick family members.  Staff conflicts.  Relationship issues.  This vicious spiral was unrelenting for a solid two years.  Self doubt, anxiety, fear, worry and overwhelm became my horrible best friends.

I desperately needed a break.  I desperately needed to breathe, even if only for a short period of time.  I booked myself into a retreat, and it was on retreat that the shift that saved my business life and my personal life, happened.

When I recounted my sorrowful story to the teacher, he asked me two question that changed the game for me.

“What level of consciousness are you at Pauline?”

I responded with silence and let him ask the second question.

“What frequency are you vibrating at?”

I responded with more silence.

“What you think and how you feel is what you will attract.  Where you place your energy is where you place your life.  What are you unconsciously attracting into your life?  Change your energy and you will change your life.”

My silence allowed him to continue.

“You must be a Badass Manifester if you are attracting all that you are thinking and feeling.  You’ve done a very good job at attracting what you think and how you feel thus far.”  He paused for effect.  “How is it working for you?”

He left me drowning in my pool of silence to ponder this one undeniable universal truth.

That our body is an instrument of consciousness.  That our internal ecology will directly reflect and directly project upon our external kingdom.  I decided then and there that it was time to work on my internal ecology.  And get to work I did.  BIG TIME!

And do you know what the most beautiful part of this revelation was?

It was the fact that, amongst all the chaos and confusion, my internal ecology was the only thing I COULD CONTROL.

So, if my body is an instrument of consciousness – if my body is a powerful magnet to opportunities good and bad – then it was time to start becoming magnetic to a new life and a new energy.

Acclaimed Physicist Nassim Haramein describes Spirituality as ‘Physics that hasn’t been explained yet.’  When I discovered these Universal Laws and put them into practice every single day, my life changed drastically.

Most readers will know my life history and what I am able to attract and make manifest in very short periods of time.  Having learned these secrets and being on the receiving end of life’s richest opportunities and adventures – and now knowing how to turn misfortune into good fortune, I ask you, why would I want to miss a single day of practice?

If you would like to know how to become a Badass Manifester, join me on the Spiritual Accelerator Program.  Let me share with you the 6 Secrets to Manifesting anything in your life.

But you’ve got to be ready to do the work.  You’ve got to be ready to get uncomfortable in order to level up your standards, your energy and your magnetism.

Don’t you want to become Magnetic to the Abundance that is your Birthright?

Join me and learn how.  Life Will Never Be the Same Again.

Spiritual Accelerator Program

When: 28 January 2021

Click the link to discover more.

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