How to Become a Great Leader

Leadership is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and learning. It starts by developing self-awareness, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and cultivating a growth mindset. 

Great leaders are not afraid to take risks, embrace challenges, and learn from failures. It’s about embracing qualities such as resilience, empathy, and a commitment to growth.

So what are some of the key qualities of leadership? Here we’ll explore how to become a great leader and what leadership looks like. I have worked with startups, small businesses, corporate executives, and leaders from all walks of life to become fearless, stress-free, and unshakeable. 

The journey is the prize, so ask yourself: how inspiring will you be? How are you going to show up for yourself and those you lead? 

What Makes an Effective Leader?

What are the qualities of a good leader? This is one of the questions I am often asked in my keynote sessions. In the highly competitive world of business, everyone wants to know how to thrive, how to get ahead, and how to achieve success.

As an award-winning businesswoman and Spiritual Entrepreneur, I have come to know a few things about leadership, and what it takes to become an effective leader. Over the years, I have given hundreds of keynote speeches about this subject, and the truth is that it all comes back to a few essential qualities.

In my latest book The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, we explore some of these qualities. This book won Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book Award in the year of its release. Here we’ll look at some of those qualities of leadership further.

What Do You Need to Be a Leader? 

To be a true leader, you need to develop Calm Courage, Resonating Resilience and Tacit Grit. It is because of Resilience and Grit that I have been able to lead Red Lantern to become the most awarded Vietnamese Restaurant in the world and sustain business for 22 years in what is an incredibly challenging, fickle and competitive industry.

It is because of Persistence, Discipline and Self Mastery that I am one of the most impactful speakers in the world. And it is because of Calm Courage that I am able to lead a movement of Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Growing up in a household of strict rules and extreme violence, I know what it’s like to come from nothing. And having run away from the horrors of my home in my later teenage years, I learnt what it is to survive amid overwhelming change and adversity. 

It is with this life experience that I take the themes of Self Leadership and Self Mastery into all my businesses and professional commitments. I can teach you to do the same. 

What Does Leadership Look Like?

Effective leaders embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. They lead by example, foster open communication, and create a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation. It takes:

  • Vision: This is a quality that sets exceptional leaders apart. It’s about more than just having a clear vision; it’s about being able to share that vision in a way that motivates and inspires others, then plan strategically to make that vision possible.
  • Communicate with Purpose: By effectively communicating their vision, great leaders instill a sense of purpose among their team. 
  • Integrity: Integrity is the foundation upon which trust, credibility, and respect are built. It influences every aspect of leadership, from interactions with team members to decision-making processes and organizational culture. 
  • Emotional Mastery: By managing your own emotions, you can empathize with others and build stronger relationships, navigate conflicts, and foster a positive work culture. Instead of reacting impulsively or escalating tensions, you’ll assess situations objectively and stay calm under pressure. 

Pivotal Qualities of Leadership

True leadership is about showing up with authenticity, compassion, refined intuition, and most of all, purpose-driven Self Leadership and Self Mastery. It’s about learning to inspire, guide, and transform the people around you.

There are four pivotal components in becoming a successful leader. These are:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Being an effective leader is about knowing how to harness the unique skills of every member of your team for the greater good. Embracing multiple perspectives always leads to powerful problem-solving skills.
  • Vulnerable Leadership: You’ll need a deep understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs, as well as a commitment to personal development and improvement. Lead with power, not force. 
  • Self Mastery: You must develop Self Mastery before you can master anything else in life. In our sessions, we’ll look at how to manage your energy and emotions to become the most calm and composed leader. By learning to master our emotions, we can make practical, business-led decisions. Breathwork, meditation, and deep rest will allow you to lead with a clear mind. Rest is a weapon when you know how to utilise it effectively.
  • Self Leadership: What do leaders do? They go first. It’s up to you to take radical personal responsibility for your own personal and professional development. It is because of Self Leadership that I was able to write two award-winning books and win multiple business awards.

I can help you harness these qualities to inspire change not only in your professional life, but in your personal life, too. You’ll learn how to become a great leader at one of my keynotes.

Start the Journey Today

In my keynote sessions, I explore these elements further, with insights and practical strategies on how to magnify your leadership skills through the art and science of Self Mastery. These sessions combine spiritual wisdom, practical strategies, and real-life experience. Unlock and unleash the potential of your leaders and book me as your keynote at your next event.

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