“While I can’t exactly say how I landed at Pauline’s door – call it divine intervention – I am certain that joining the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program has completely changed my life in a profound way.

It has been a catalyst for deep growth, connection and love for self.

Often, I was blinded by my own story. The many fears and stressors that contributed to a life-threatening illness I developed years prior which needed aggressive medical treatment. From a medical standpoint, I was ‘cured’ but my physical and emotional body took a beating in the process – I needed a balm for the mind, body, soul.

Over the next twelve weeks, the compassion and clarity shown by Pauline and participants brought me to a place where I felt whole again.

Each session Pauline opened a ‘portal of grace’ and in that sacred space a precious gift of spiritual learning, awakening, transformation, and deep healing had occurred.

Remarkable would be an understatement. Through daily meditation practice, breath work, and so many new tools to draw on, it helped accelerate my journey of recovery. I felt so at peace, I genuinely felt like a new person.

This process of re-awakening, as I have learnt, had allowed me the choice, to keep operating in the same way, or take a different path.

It’s not always been an easy ride and Pauline has challenged me and ‘pushed my buttons’ on many occasions – which is exactly what I needed to heal and grow.

I found the courage and tenacity to get my power back in personal and professional relationships. I’ve made better career decisions aligned with my core values, and I have also been able to guide my children with the wisdom gleaned from Pauline’s teachings.

When Pauline said to expect the unexpected, I didn’t realise the true power of her words until I witnessed first-hand the miraculous transformation of healing inside my body where evidence of the disease disappeared.

I know now that we can do the uncommon in optimum state, this is where the magic truly happens.

I’m truly grateful for Pauline’s work and guidance, it has strengthened my sense of presence and belonging in the (meta)physical world, and I am very excited for what my future holds.

This program is a must for those who want to take the enlightened path reach a new level of greatness.”
( Ann Miller – Media Professional )


The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator 3 Month Online Program
Course commences January 28
Join Me.
Life Will Never Be The Same Again.


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