The Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table is often the first way people enter my orbit. An evening of hearty conversation, mental exercises and business insights, facilitated by me, and crafted over decades of industry experience.

One of the most common compliments I get is that there is so much filled into such an intense evening of joyous learning.

Make no mistake, the Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table has been meticulously designed to distill some of my most potent ideas, business practices and spiritual learnings to deliver to you in a single, powerful evening.


Valerie’s full testimonial below..

“I’ve been wanting to join Pauline’s events for a long time, after I read her book and connected with her on social media. It was an incredible experience! It’s impressive the amount of knowledge shared in such a short period of time.
=The experience itself was really grounding. I felt really connected and present afterward.

I couldn’t wait until the end of the meeting to sign up for the Accelerator program! I just knew inside me that I wanted to learn more. I felt like I had found a tribe of like-minded people. I can’t wait for the next 3 months.”

(Valerie Saindon, Marketing CEO)

Join me and see why CEOs, conscious entrepreneurs, well being coaches and everyone in-between rave about the life-changing insights, spiritual awakenings, actionable takeaways and skills accumulated in a single powerful meeting at my Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table.

Now open to USA time zones.
Click Here and Join Me.

Sydney Australia (AEST) – 8am Friday 22nd April
New York City USA (EST) – 6pm Thursday 21st April

Expect the Unexpected.

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