Called And Pulled From A Hunger Inside

Our body is an instrument of consciousness, but how many of us truly listen to our bodies for intunement and attunement? This is an important part of the teachings on my Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat. How do we listen? How do we truly listen?

Beautiful Jess who was with me on the retreat got super intune and attuned. I want to share with you what tumbled from her pen from the experience. Her words make my heart sing as they so beautifully capture the magic of our intimate weekend.

And so I write,
For the brave souls who arrived.
Who were called and pulled,
From a hunger inside.

You showed up and played,
Opened and fell.
To dis-integrate
And behold
The universe within.

You stepped into the womb of your Mother,
And asked for her secrets to be unfolded and felt.
On your lips,
Through your hips,
In your lungs,
As the breath hits, deep.
Through your nose as her scent filled your every cell,
And as you listened to her
Thump……in drum and heart beat.
You bathed in her waters,
Salty, sweet and deep.
Your giggles and screams made her call out for more.
You walked with bare skin,
Feeling her underneath.
Reached out to her rock faces as they hummed in deep sleep.

You worked to play,
And played to work.
You walked the pole,
And lived both ends
It all melted into

Awaken, Awaken
….she called at every step….
….At every tear
….At every laugh
….At every touch
And at every expansive thought shared.

This day
This life
This moment….is YOURS.
To create
To live
To get selfish and go deep.

You master YOU
And it all is revealed.
The hidden order,
The laws,
And the love running through veins.

Dis-integrate. Surrender. Lean-In
And then….
Awaken. Awaken
And dis-integrate again.

A space opens wide,
That’s waiting to hold…
As you undress,
And move higher.

Feel it through you
And from you
As it blasts from your crown.
A power
Your power
Is now at your command.

It moves mountains and moons
And is the sun….RISE.
Do the work
Do the work
It compounds and collects.
In you, and around you.
A charge and a change felt into universes beyond.

And so….
We thank you
We honour you
We stand side by side,
As the spiritual entrepreneurs now collect and collide.
Moving humanity forward to awakened new heights
We know that is where our destinies lie.

Words by Jessica Kiely, inspired by the Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat.

If you too feel that call and pull from a hunger inside, I have begun a waitlist for my next round of Roundtables and Retreat. Email me to be the first to know when new dates are announced.

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