Absolutely faultless.

Dinner at Le Bernardine by Eric Ripen in New York was exceptional.

The food was exquisite, the wine delectable and the service faultless. Absolutely faultless.

I was delighted to see plenty of floor staff and a full house twice over despite Covid. No staff shortage here.

Many may not know that I also own Red Lantern Restaurant & Private Dining Room in Sydney, the most awarded Vietnamese Restaurant in the world.

Red Lantern turns 20 this year. 20 years in what is, a challenging, fickle, saturated and competitive industry.

We have survived a multitude of economic downturns and unfortunate events, and have fallen to our knees many times over.

We have also had many tremendous years of growth, evolution and learning.

Naturally we continue to reinvent ourselves and continue to swing the bat again and swing the bat again because we have more grit than anyone else we know.

There is something to be said for still staying in the game long after the others have given up.

I will not lie. The last 2 years have not been easy. We were still recovering from the first lockdown when the second lockdown happened. And now, a nationwide staff shortage means we cannot operate at full capacity.

But our credo at Red Lantern has always been to ‘Uplift the Human Spirit with the alchemy of flavour hospitality and heart.’

Le Bernardine has shown me that the future of hospitality is hopeful.

Check out the new Red Lantern website. It’s HOT! ⤵️⤵️


And…. If you know of any experienced hospitality folk who want to work in an award winning restaurant, with cool people, please send them our way.

Red Lantern is looking for chefs, cooks and wait staff.

CV’s can be sent to pauline@redlantern.com.au

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