Raising Resilient & Powerful Children During COVID-19

One of the things the pregnancy books don’t ever warn you about, before having children, is The Love. 

The visceral, overwhelming, breathtaking love for this child you have created.

I knew I wanted two children, a girl and a boy, since I was a teenager. I could feel my maternal instincts at a soul level. It would be part of my human experience; creation at its highest frequency.

When I decided to have children 17 years ago, I knew this was when the big work would begin for me. 

I realised that my trauma, if not healed, would be passed onto my own children. My father passed on his trauma to us kids; just as his father and his father’s father passed it down to him.

This intergenerational trauma impacts us at a cellular level. In order to heal, we have to go deep. We have to walk down the long hall of mirrors to look at ourselves at every step, in order to get to the other side. We can do this fast, or we can do this slow. 

The right teachers, coaches, mentors and peer group can help us to get to where we want to go faster. I sought the right people to help me and saw the change shift my life; sifting through the silt of the baggage I had been given, finding the gifts that glimmered in the dark. Stepping into a power I didn’t know was earmarked for me until I held it in my hands.

My daughter Mia is now 15, my son Jethro 10. They’re incredibly independent, highly self-sufficient children. There is no fear in our house for this unprecedented change that is around us. Humour, yes. Quiet grace, yes. But no fear. The biggest service I can gift them is the ability to hold their own. To find their inner power for themselves. That is my legacy for them. 

That could not have happened if I first didn’t take action for myself.

Evolve or repeat.

I see the same situations over and over again.

I see fathers adrift, unmoored in a changing world; unsure how to guide their children or connect with them at a deeper level, beyond sport, acquisition and attainment. 

I see mothers forget themselves, living for their husbands, children and society’s rules and restrictions. Giving away their power, their sexuality, their beauty, their femininity, their joy for existence.

Our children are watching our every move. 
This is how we lead by example.

I don’t want my children to watch their mother stagnate, stay the same and never evolve. Do you?

I don’t want my children to see their father live in fear, unable to adapt, unable to take charge in a time of extraordinary uncertainty. Do you?

Our purpose on this earth is to evolve and to do it with joy. 

This is why I am launching my Inner Circle digitally for the first time ever. The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program will run for the next six-months, officially kicking off 8am Monday, April 20. 

We will meet every week for the next six-months, with two hours of time with me. This will include…

Mondays 8am – a 30-minute masterclass & a 30-minute live Q&A

*Wednesdays 8am – a 30-minute Shamanic voice activation and healing meditation

*Saturdays 8am – a 30-minute breath work session 

If you can’t justify this for yourself, perhaps you can for your children. You will learn the skills to raise children bold in resilience and blazing with their own power. You will pass on to your children:

– Self-Mastery, first and foremost
– Adaptability, Flexibility, Agility; how to forge alliances and call on collaborators to help them to get to where they want to go faster.
– That the new world will not be survival of the fittest, but survival of the most fitting. The ones who survive will be the nimblest, the most agile; able to adapt to the fast-changing times. 

This program is by application only and will take into account a comprehensive application form, as well as a consideration of what you would be willing to pledge for two hours with me every week.

I normally charge up to $1000 per hour for 1:1 coaching.

What would you pledge to be INSPIRIT and INSPIRED everyday?

What would you pledge to lead by example; to understand human behaviour and the art and science of becoming a Weapon of Influence?

What would you pledge to raise children who are the most powerful they can be?

It is possible to love everyone else and still not forget to love ourselves, as one member of my Inner Circle discovered when working with me. Jessica Kiely has seen that when we love ourselves first, we become more useful, more attractive and more powerful for ourselves and our children. 

“It is hard to believe that I have been working with Pauline for just over a year. It actually feels like a lifetime with the amount that has been achieved, built, shed and re-programmed in this short period of time. 

After a divorce, I found myself as a single mother to two young girls. I also found myself with excruciatingly low self-worth, low self-value and little to no vital life-energy running through me. 

And, as an entrepreneur, I found myself with virtually no passion, no direction and very little desire to build anything. 

I clearly remember crying in the shower one evening. It had become my favourite place to cry so the children would not hear me. But this evening was different; this time I fell to my knees. The water showered down, and I clearly remember how much my head hurt from the mental madness that was going on and on and on, and around and around and around in my mind. As I fell, I just wanted it all to stop.

Slowly, a question began to arise from my inside, from the depths of the darkness… 

‘How did I get here? Who was I being to get here? Who had I become?’

I knew I needed to find the answers to those questions for myself, and also for me as a mother with a new generation in my hands to guide. 

My journey to find those answers led me to work with Pauline. 

Pauline and I had known each other for over a decade. We had previously connected as young entrepreneurs, both running our businesses whilst looking after our babies. 

This time, after my divorce, our journey crossed when Pauline was just about to give birth to her second book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Upon reading the manuscript, I knew that I was in the right place. I was desperately seeking, and now had found my guide to help me find the answers to my questions.

Not only does Pauline understand the journey of the entrepreneur, she also understands the journey of motherhood. 

Her powerful teachings combine science and spirituality. Her multiple modalities of healing, coaching and transformation have all had a profound and powerful impact in my life and continue to do so. 

Additionally, being part of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Inner Circle, a group of eight incredible, spiritual entrepreneurs, has taken my transformation to a whole other level.

To be in the orbit of Pauline and her Spiritual Entrepreneur Inner Circle, allows me to continue to learn, question, find answers and question more again.

Pauline recently commented that I have moved from being, ‘Jessica the Worrier to Jessica the Warrior’ and I really feel this is true.

I believe and know that I am a better mother and entrepreneur because of working with Pauline; for putting in the work myself on myself, and for being a part of her Inner Circle.

Truly take the opportunity to work with Pauline if you are ready to question everything in your life. If you are clear that you want to learn from someone who walks her talk every single day and lives in complete congruence with her truth.

If you are ready to truly design your own life from the bottom up where you can learn to think and speak things into existence. It is an exciting time to be alive.

Pauline, my gratitude is deep to have ‘found’ you. I am deeply honoured to be a part of seeing this grow BIG.”

There has never been a more exciting time to be alive.

I know this will change your life, if you’re ready for it. 

Registration for 2nd intake of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Emergency Thrive and Inspire Program closes 5pm Saturday 18th April. Official kick off Monday, April 20, 8am. 

Click here to apply:

In Love and Wisdom, 

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