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Over the next 3 months, we will dive deep into the POWER, the INFLUENCE and the MANIFESTATION of the Spiritual Entrepreneur:

  • You will have ongoing weekly discourse and live Q&A workshops with Pauline
  • You will experience live Shamanic Activation meditations conducted by Pauline to ACCELERATE your evolution
  • You will learn the techniques Pauline uses in her everyday routines to stay inspired
  • You will learn to play with FUN again
“Consider this – the rest of your life is a bloody long time to not live as you want to, and why would you want to miss a single moment of feeling how you want to feel. Start now – there is no magic formula….you do the work and you get the rewards. Pauline’s generous guidance has been the perfect propulsion to show me this way. Once you feel it, the Acceleration is breath taking.”  Susan Schryver
“Pauline’s The Way of The Spiritual Entrepreneur online program has been absolutely transformational. The value that it has created for myself and for my clients as a practitioner has been so extensive. I now have more energy, more passion, and I’m driven by inspiration daily.”Peter Williams, Mindset Coach | Integrative Hypnotherapist 


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