"I LOVED Pauline's book. When I saw the title of this book at the book store, the thought of mixing the realms of business and spirituality excited me. But what I got from Pauline's book was so much more!

Not just another interesting book with some interesting content but EVERYTHING that I have been curious about all in the one book. And more profoundly and elegantly written than I could ever have hoped for.

Thank you so much for such a life changing book!
I have so made so many notes in the margins and intend to re-read so many times to fully distil its wisdom."

Hayley Golledge
Life Designer
Bloom Print Life Design

"Pauline's thoughtful reflections appear over and over; I especially appreciate when she debunks popular thought such as 'positive thinking.' She skilfully weaves in her background and experiences to express where her values were forged. Red Lantern is more than a restaurant - it is emblematic of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Her story is a chronology of evolving from a 'doer' to becoming a 'being.' I wish we were neighbours so I would bump into her weekly and walk away realigned."

Michael Grinder
Pioneer in Non-Verbal Communication
Michael Grinder & Associates

"Having struggled with Anxiety for most of my adult life, and having seen a couple of psychologists over the years with little success, I knew there had to be another way forward. Upon reading Pauline's book, I knew instantly that I wanted to meet her, and this was the path I must take. After 3 one on one sessions and strictly doing 'the work', I will admit, Pauline's methods have opened up a whole new and exciting world for me. Her immense energy, care and guidance, have put me on the path I have been seeking but never found. I am so grateful and excited for the life journey ahead. Feeling great is the new normal! Thank you Pauline."

Dan Galati
Owner & Wildlife Photographer
Real Masai Safari Tours Kenya

"I have so much respect for Pauline Nguyen as a human being and as an entrepreneur. She really is the spiritual entrepreneur who shares her life experiences, wisdom, and beliefs in an incredibly generous way. The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is a fantastic read and is being released at the perfect time-when the world is ready to hear the messages."

Andrew Griffiths
Australia's Best-Selling Small-Business Author

“If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence with others.”

Pauline Nguyen

"This book has my highest recommendation. The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur was the catalyst which initiated the drastic change in my life that I was looking for and didn't even really know it. It has opened me to new ideas, new mindset, and new possibilities.

I was feeling lost and stuck where I was with my life and myself. I read this book, and it opened a whole new world to me and helped me implement the changes I needed to make in my life.

I was brave enough to step into Pauline's Wonderland, and have worked with Pauline personally and it has been awesome. She has helped guide me into and transverse this new land. This book and Pauline have my highest possible recommendation. If you take the opportunity to work with Pauline Nguyen, it will change your life. Thank you Ninja!"

Scott Thornton

President, Temecula Winnelson (California, USA)

""As soon as I opened The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, I couldn't put it down. Although I live on the other side of the globe, I know deep inside this book has chosen me.

"I laughed, I cried, I was validated and inspired. Pauline's book has helped me to transform as an Entrepreneur in so many ways. For this I am grateful.

"Even after 5 months, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur still resonates through every cell of my body.

"The award for Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book of the Year is a well deserved prize. Well done Pauline. Kudos from Brazil!"

Adriano Silva
Founder and Owner, 2Soul Language School

"With my deepest thanks I want to let you know how important your book has been.

It's like I've finally met myself, honestly, without angst, doubt or projection. In the simplicity of knowing, finally, the person I am.

Like anyone who has come to this point in their evolution, it hasn't been without great pain.
I am so lucky to meet myself in time to create my highest expression in this life. What a gift and a legacy for my daughter.

Thank you for putting in words nearly every conversation I've ever had deep within myself. It's really uncanny how your words speak at that level.
I'm so inspired by the gift you've given me, and I'm honoured to share such a beautiful space and opportunity for joy.

I always "knew" I was this person and I finally realise that my deepest pain wasn't trauma related…it was the restriction I felt at not allowing myself my truest potential.

I can't express in words the freedom I now feel in knowing I can "do me" from this point on.
Your book is a gift to human kind Pauline. Thank you."

- Janina Hill

"Very inspiring story. Clear steps and practical. Think everyone should read it, entrepreneur or not!"

Valerie Saindon

"What an excellent read! There are a world of truths in the book that any person looking to start a business Entrepreneur should read.

Pauline is an amazing person."

John Stevens

"I listened to the audio version of this book and LOVED every single minute of it. From the very first section I felt like Pauline was talking to ME and ONLY ME. So I kept listening!

I loved hearing her voice, her intonations and feeling her beliefs and passion coming through in the retelling of her stories and experiences. I might have missed some of those nuances if it wasn't for the audio version! Many made me smile, as she said them with so much intent and purpose!

Whilst there are a zillion books on entrepreneurship globally (and Pauline refers to and quotes perfectly from some of the best in the business throughout) not much has been done before - linking entrepreneurship with spirituality - in the way Pauline has. We learn from this book that spirituality and religion are most clearly NOT the same thing. The lessons and principals in the book have helped me work out how to fill my own spiritual quotient.

Pauline is without a doubt creating an invaluable, and much needed, movement of consciousness, care and connection. We can all learn and grow from the 7 secrets she shares, whether we're involved in small business, big business or no business at all!

This book is the missing link between entrepreneurship and spirituality and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone who is looking for more and who is seeking change in business or in life, and is not sure how to go about it. I cannot wait to listen to it again!"

Kim Kirsten

Independent Organisational Change Management Consultant and Online Entrepreneur

"Really awesome book. I've been journaling for the past couple of years, and I can tell from reading the author is years ahead of me on the path of self-discovery."

Jonathan Henley

"I absolutely resonate with this book! I originally listened to it on audible and decided halfway through that I needed a paper version to underline content that I wanted to go back and reflect on. I highly recommend this for anyone trying to find a better way to live a more fulfilling life."

Linda McKusick

"Inspired and to the point. The book flows with ideas like watching a beautiful stream. I highly recommend reading this."

Andrew Bruneau