"With Pauline's guidance, I'm able to inhale calmness and exhale stress which allows me to access a mind state where I am willing to engage in my own self-hypnosis and able to practice opening my heart wider to a more abundant life experience. It is a daily practice that I look forward to and appreciate deeply."

Matt Jackson
Founder, Affectors

"I have been doing the morning meditation which is tuning into my intuition and visualizing my future. Up until your meditation I could not decide what my future looked like. It was as though for a while I had some blockage. With your meditations, it became really clear and full of emotion. I also have a real sense of calm. This has proven to be a game changer. I have also not felt the internal joy that I am feeling every day since commencing the meditation and reading your book. I have read and watched a great deal and nothing seemed to resonate but your words did of which I am immensely grateful for. "

Sharon Vandermeer
Owner & Director, On The Ball Personnel Australasia

"Pauline's meditations work and they work in spades! The way Pauline uses her voice is fantastic. The quality of her tone allows for easy digestion of her messages. You could listen to her read the phonebook and it would be interesting."

David Bongiorno

"I feel as if Pauline has sparked a new journey for me to venture on. I feel more confident in myself and what I can accomplish both spiritually and in the actions I take each day. I'm looking forward to regular meditation and simply taking more time to reflect upon myself. Thank you, Pauline."

Harry Hillis